What’s on my nails? 

As you may know, my relationship with my nails isn’t all that healthy…I’m waaaay past obsessed. 98% of the time I have my nails done I smile through deep disappointment and then internally cry on my way home over the fact that the shape isn’t perfect, the paint job isn’t exceptional and the polish isn’t vivid enough. I’m always so underwhelmed, sometimes to the point that I find myself staring at my nails in disgust…that’s when you know the obsession is bad.

Anyway, I’m going to New York next week and wanted to take some bomb-ass nails with me, so I booked an appointment at the nail salon in Topshop at Oxford Circus. I’ve only ever had my nails done there when WAH nails was there, so I turned up and was super pleasantly surprised when I saw Reecey Roos nail bar – all neon chairs and super-cool free-hand graffiti wall. And then I got super excited when I saw their nail art examples and I feel deeply, madly in love. I knew I was in good hands.
Reecey Roo nails

What’s on my nails?

I still had no idea what I wanted on my nails, though. Tracey was my wonderful nail technician, I chose a lime nail polish, because I’m obsessed with lime, and we discussed nail art options – it basically came to a point where we were so on the same level that I told her to do as she pleased and I’d trust her.
And this was the result…
I was super impressed with Tracey’s attention to detail considering my being a disgusting perfectionist when it comes to my talons. The shape is ridiculously amaze, the nail art is obvs exceptional and they look like fire. So needless to say, the side-eyeing of my nails is well and truly over.

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