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If you haven’t noticed, over the knee boots (OTK boots) are not only a huge thing right now but also the hottest fashion trend doing the rounds ready for Autumn/Winter 2015. What is it about a boot that once the suede, or calfskin creeps over the knee that it manages to go from a solid 6 to a straight up 12? OTK boots get everyone a little hot under the collar and turn up the temperature of a room a few degrees. The best thing about this trend is that it totally increases the sexiness of your outfit by…dare I say…covering you up more. They’re so much more versatile than you’d think, they look just as good hugging your leg over jeans, as they do under a cute skater skirt, a sexy pencil skirt or a billowing chiffon dress. And in preparation for one of the biggest A/W trends, many a brand has released one, if not a small selection, of OTK boots to either lust over and torment you causing sleepless nights until you take the plunge and decide to take one home or to cut to the chase and close your eyes as you sign the receipt or press in your pin (it doesn’t really count of you didn’t see it…). You’ll be breaking hearts in these boots and, as usual, leave it up to me to bring you the hottest OTK boots of the season, and in some cases, of all time (trust me there are some pieces of royalty status below). The question is: how many do you have a home for?



“Glenda” by Kurt Geiger

These lace up courtesans will capture your heart and everyone who lays their eyes on your feet when you wear these. Obvs the lace-up factor increases the sex appeal of these boots and they’re a statement boot if I ever did see a pair.

“Highland” by Stuart Weitzman

Classic and comfortable but still undoubtably seductive. The fact that these babies are comfy just means that you can last all day in these beauties inducing heart attacks left, right and centre.



The OTK boot to end all OTK boots. Jesus Christ himself manufactured these boots – that’s the only justification I can think of as to why these boots are so superior and next level. The gold maze caged platform is increasing my heart rate, paired with the suede covered pointed toe…someone call me an ambulance…


Dolce and Gabbana

Just when you thought OTK boots couldn’t get anymore sexier…this pair decided to exist. A lace web creeping up the thigh with one of those jelly bands around the inside at the top of the shoe to prevent slumpage of the shoe downwards resulting in a less than sexy puddle of lace around the ankles – so that’s a practical fun little extra.


Gianvito Rossi

Arguably the match that sparked the resuscitation of the OTK boot trend. The suede is buttery soft, the shape a classic pointed toe and the heel a skinny stiletto. These boots command respect and attention, just don’t expect everyone to look you in the eye when holding a conversation with you in these boots.

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