How I Spend My $: Kenzo Slip On Sneakers

If you haven’t already noticed I kind of have a thing for slip on sneakers. I now have seven of the beauties in my shoe wardrobe (yes, I dedicated a section of my wardrobe to shoes, the commitment is unbreakable). However, before you jump to the conclusion that they’re all Vans-looking skater sneakers maybe in a couple of different colours, let me stop you there and assure you that no two of my pairs are alike (my justification for buying more). So I thought I’d covered my bases with all my pairs: two exotic pairs, one outlandish pair, one in a colour no one would expect (gold), one pair I could get away with at work, and a sparkly pair but I had totally forgotten about platforms, good platforms, ever so slightly reminiscent of Spice Girls days…

Kenzo Slip-On Platform Sneakers

Kenzo Slip On Sneakers

I made the terrible (for my bank account) decision to visit the newly renovated Kenzo store on Bruton Street in London. I’m very attached to the Kenzo brand, for a huge variety of reasons and ever since its reincarnation when Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took over the reigns I’ve been riding that beast. So as soon as I walk into the store these babies were staring me straight in the eyes, with a smirk. Yes, with a smirk because they knew I’d fall in love with them and I did. I don’t have a pair of platform sneakers so I thought they’d be a nice welcome addition to my shoe family (though space can be made for more members if the need arises). I think they’re so kawaii, and super cool. They can be worn with jeans, or skirts or by themselves…lol jokes…unless you’re into that. There something about that added couple of inches of rubber tread to the bottom of these slip-ons that turn them into outfit elevators. They add a third dimension to a pretty standard jeans and t-shirt outfit.


Kenzo Slip-On Platforms available here in black, here in grey and here in burgundy.

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