Insta Inspo: Kylie Jenner’s Bikini

So, Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram of her in a Python print bikini and matching sneakers. I, much like a recently divorced woman in her 40s/50s who is trying to re-live her youth, have a thing for exotic print. I also, much like Cruella De Vil, enjoy exotic skins. Nonetheless, I unlike a recently divorced woman in her 40s/50s who is trying to re-live her youth and Cruella De Vil am discerning about exactly which prints I go for. You won’t catch me in zebra print and I own only one item that is leopard print (and they are shoes so don’t judge me) but I’m a huuuuuge Python print fan. Python is my fave. I love Python shoes, skirts, belts, clutches, handbags…omg…imagine a polo shirt with Python collar trimming….(I die)

Insta Inspo: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner's Anaconda Bikini

Kylie Jenner in her python print Oye bikini and python skin Taxidermy converse. Image from @kyliejenner’s instagram account.


Basically when I saw Ky-Jen’s post, I was instantly obsessed. I am LOVING the asymmetrical bandeau-style bikini top, fair enough she may end up with some odd tan lines BUT how good does the bikini look in the pictures!? Aside from her insane body just making everything look better than usual, this Oye bikini is actually next level sick. I must also mention the tactical matching of the bikini with her Taxidermy converse – get it girl. At 18 this girl is killing me with her fashion choices, whether you love her or you hate her…the girl looks good. But just to make me feel better: Cassie, this is the dedicated and professional work of a stylist, who is paid to spin this kind of magic, so cancel your lip injections, teal dip dye hair appointment  and get over yourself. Ok fine, jeez the voice inside my head is super mean sometimes…

Kylie’s bikini is by Oye Swimwear and her converse are by Taxidermy.

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