MTV VMAs 2015 Best & Worst Dressed

The MTV VMAs along with the Grammys are my absolute favourite award shows for creative dressing. The celebrities and/or their stylists tend to have a bit of fun and not take things so seriously for the VMAs, if you remember, the VMAs was where Gaga arrived in the infamous meat dress, need I say more? So I was pretty damn excited for the red carpet last night…prepare yourselves for the best and the tragically worst dressed from the MTV VMAs 2015 red carpet…

MTV VMAs Best Dressed

Taylor Swift’s Squad

Oh Em Gee *laughs hysterically to self in sheer amazement*…she’s gone and done it. She’s gone and slayed the red carpet with her squad. The good thing about the Bad Blood crew is that even if one of them slacks off a bit outfit-wise (Serayah) then the rest of them can make it up to a perfect 10. Stand-out squad members are Taylor, obvs, though I hate the shoes for the outfit…and Gigi, she is everything. Side note T-Swizzle’s eye make up is killer.


Miley Cyrus

Good Lord, this girl *takes deep breath*. She has Versace medusas adorning her pony tail, is wearing a chandelier as a skirt, is channelling her inner Jodie Marsh with her belt top and is carrying a unicorn Judith Leiber clutch. I’m done. Best dressed host ever, you’ve got to love her….I just wanna be her friend.. Just when you ask yourself what more could she do, she does this *snaps for Miley*.


Bella Thorne

A change of pace from Miley, but this beautiful grecian green dress suits Bella so well, and is a classy choice for the award show.



Simple but killer. All black and gold, yes girl. Such a simple black dress but the draped chain necklace-turned-harness and the matching Moschino cuffs set the outfit off taking it to a whole new level. The make-up and hair also goes so damn well with the outfit. Yes.


Nicki Minaj

Onika Maraj you sly girl, you, creeping up on us with your demure make up, with your anaconda body all sparking with crystals.


Britney Spears

In but a few weeks Britney has taken herself from te not-so-exciting list on my previous best and worst dressed to best dressed at the VMAs. This dress, albeit short for her age, shows off her incredible body and the detailing is so intense and beautiful, plus the hairstyle goes so well with this little sparkly number.


Amber Rose & Blac Chyna

This one goes in its own category. Upon first sight you might be like: wtf and why? Well, Amber is holding a Slut Walk in LA which aims to “empower women and LGBT and combat issues e.g. sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labelling and gender inequality”, so this look is to promote that and the causes the believes in. I think the whole thing is amazing and I think the outfit is not only hilarious but it does the job of holding your attention – how many ‘sluts’ can you count on her bodysuit? Also she rocked it with a camel toe – a very hard skill to master. Obvs she took her bestie Blac Chyna and they were twinning (cute) for deserving causes. *Snaps for Amber and Chy*

MTV VMAs Worst Dressed

Emily Ratajkowski

Why is she dressed like a 40 year old woman in the 60s who’s had 4 kids and given up on life? This is so frumpy, the shoes are too caged in – they should have been peep-toe if they were lace-up over the knee boots. The dress falls at a super awkward length and I’m pretty sure I saw that pattern on her dress advertised in an elderly person’s home furnishings catalogue. Too far?



Ciara was unfortunately attacked by a pack of wild dogs prior to arriving on the red carpet last night – this is the only reasonable explanation that I have for this outfit.


Jeannie Mal

So much is happening that I can feel my eye prescription declining fast, I may have to start wearing glasses again. Too many a clashed print, too much colour and some irrelevant accessories make this look extremely confusing and a failed effort.

Kelly Osbourne

I’m sad, because for someone who was on a TV show called ‘Fashion Police’ it sucks for me to witness this pin-striped semi-sheer trousered tragedy. Pin-stripes look good on gangsters in the 30s/40s and that’s exactly where pin-stripes should be left. I’m highly confused by how half of the trousers are sheer and I’m not ok with it.

Nash Grier

Now, I don’t usually include the guys in my best and worst dressed lists but it seems as though this idiot’s horrible personality has translated into his fashion choices. Truly terrible, just like this child. He is dressed like a surfer-goth hybrid and it’s foul.


Aubrey O’Day

Escaped toe alert.


Let me know your fave and least fave looks from the VMAs!

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