Novelty Clutch Bags

“Cream on the inside, clean on the outside
Ice, ice cream, ice, ice, ice cream paint job”
Ulyana Sergeenko Ice Cream Clutch

Ulyana Sergeenko Clutch, image from

Cute Clutches

Wait. Wait. Hol’ up. Is that…? Could it be? Could that be A FUR ICE CREAM CLUTCH!? YES I THINK THAT COULD BE A FANTABULOUS EMBELLISHED CLUTCH THAT HOLDS BASICALLY JUST YOUR CASH FOR THE EVENING WHILST MASQUERADING AS THE MARIE ANTOINETTE OF ICE CREAMS. It’s like Laduree, Fendi, and Judith Leiber had a baby together…like a clutch got an ice cream paint job a la Dorrough (props to you if you know that song). The fur ice cream clutch is by Ulyana Sergeenko btw.


Are clutches getting a little novelty? Yes. Do I care? Not at all. Amongst the Anya Hindmarch candy bars, the Judith Leiber crystal-embellished everything’s, the Moschino leather jackets I love the fun aspect to clutches. I think the novelty aspect not only adds another dimension to your outfit but they’re ALWAYS a talking point, and it was about time we got rid of the standard envelope clutch that managed to weave itself into fashion somehow (probs slept with someone). The thing with novelty clutches is they’re a little harder to shell out for due to the fact they aren’t “classics” but just think of your grandchildrens’ eyes lighting up once you swing this fun little creature out of your closet and into their hands…do it for the grandchildren. The other factor when choosing a novelty bag is that it speaks to you e.g. Don’t buy the Anya Hindmarch Kit Kat bags if you can’t stand those little twins in foil. Buy the super hero/monster Stella McCartney clutch because you have a weird thing with comic books and you’ve seen every variation of the Spider-Man films ever. Buy a Judith Leiber because you’ve been obsessed with Swarovski crystalled everything’s since you popped out of the womb. Get it? The novelty bag should be an extension of you and the weird stuff you like.
If you’re looking for cheaper novelty clutches, Skinny Dip London has some great choices.

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