NYC Diary: Day 4 & OOTN

New York City apparently had decided that we were getting a bit too arrogant strutting around in the 33 degree heat, sunglasses on face and many a blister on feet and thought it was about time she sent a rain storm our way. So it was a bit of a write off until 11am (we watched Total Divas on E! And it was amazing), however New York City herself decided we’d been punished long enough and sent the rays beaming down on the concrete streets and questionable hot dog vendors.

I decided I had held off long enough and headed over to Herald Square to maul my way through the Victoria’s Secret flagship. Sweating profusely, many hundreds of dollars down and hunger ravaging a hole through my stomach  we decided we’d try out the food trucks lining the street in the hopes that the gastronomical delights would not have been made from the bitter saliva of satan himself (unlike that hot dog, yep I’m still not over it).
Luckily, my instincts were right – there was everything from churros to Texas beef brisket sandwiches and easy-peel shrimp to nachos, we were spoilt for choice and so, naturally, we visited two food trucks: one for shrimp tempura tacos and a quesadilla and one for some baby back ribs and cornbread. It was super tasty and if you are ever in NYC and want the food truck experience when there isn’t a food festival in town, Herald Square will hook you up.
Alexander Wang H&M
On the subject of food, I’ll go ahead and skip to our dinner plans for that evening – Benihana. Benihana is a guilty pleasure of mine, so shut your mouths those of you who are giggling at the back…I see you. I don’t know if it’s the “dinner and a show” thing that appeals to my childish mind or the fact that generally the food is hella good and surprisingly low calorie (not that I pick my meals based on calorie content, please see previous paragraph). Benihana is also super hilarious because if you don’t go with a group big enough to fill a table (7/8 people) then you get bundled with some random family and it’s super awkward and funny. Also, like 5 people had their birthday that night…that was 5 sing-songs in the background…
Anyway, I wore this Alexander Wang for H&M dress to dinner and in keeping with the mesh cut outs on the dress I matched this look with my lace up Stuart Weitzmans which create a cut out effect – I think it turned out pretty well.

OOTN Details

Dress: Alexander Wang for H&M

Bra: Victoria’s Secret 

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

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