NYC Diary: Day 5 & OOTD

Day five rolled around and proved to me that contrary to prior knowledge, I could withstand heat that results in both my fingertips and eyelids sweating spontaneously. We decided that we would therefore go to the only place you should go in NYC in blistering heat (apart from anywhere with air conditioning) – Central Park. After snaking our way between horse-drawn carriages, accidentally walking into the zoo, walking through a small tunnel in which I was convinced we would die (straight out of a horror film) and climbing a rock on my hands and knees then sliding down on my espadrilles, we found a nice bench to roast on (all of the good benches in the shade were taken, one in a particularly excellent spot was inconsiderately taken by a sleeping homeless man) (that was a joke for those of you who think I’m a savage). We spent a nice long time watching the ducks and creating backstories for everyone walking by (a hilarious past time if you’re looking for one). I have really enjoyed spending time in Central Park, despite the blistering heat. I wish I had access to this sort of landmark all of the time. But that would only be possible if I moved here on a permanent basis. We’ve heard that places similar to delancey street offer apartments to rent, (which is what I’d want to do if I moved here) and they look really good. At the moment though, it’s not the best time for us to move so that’s why we’re making the most of all the things that New York City and Central Park offers before we leave.

Central Park

Later in the afternoon, as any true Gatsby fan knows when “it’s too hot to fuss” we went to The Plaza. Though this time it wasn’t to buy a suite and waste away the afternoon, it was to purchase a new little friend: my mini MCM backpack. I’d been lusting after the fine tiny creature for a short while now and I finally decided that I would save this tiny baby from its loneliness on the shelf and welcome it into my bag family. Available in four colours, I was biased and picked the blue (blue is my fave colour) – this little angel was featured in my July favourites so check it out.
Unfortunately, I grew bored of my nails…I know, I know, I’m ridiculous, blah blah blah. So I booked in at Today’s salon but the ultimate best thing about this salon, the thing that ALL UK nail salons need to start doing is that you can add a 15 minute back massage whilst your nails dry!!! It’s the best idea ever and the wonderful Cindy was doing such a fantastic job on my back that I thought if she presses a pressure point a little too hard I wouldn’t be fussed about dying…there are worse ways to go, like choking on the toenail of a squirrel or getting rabies from a rabid squirrel and not getting to the hospital in time.
Btw my slogan muscle tee killed it, I was swimming in compliments and I didn’t even have to explain it to anyone or sing the song…so that’s good.

OOTD Details

Muscle Tee: Private Party

Skirt: Kenzo

Shoes: Kenzo

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