Shoe Stories: Christian Louboutin Lady Daf

The Christian Louboutin Lady Dafs or Daffodils are pretty well known. The highest of all Louboutins, these are the red bottoms of stripper heels, quite literally – if you turn the platform into lucite you’ll get ones thrown at you in the street (not a bad thing). I bought them partly because of the fact they were a bit stripper-y because I have a thing with juxtapositions, I loved the fact that I could pair these with something totally un-strippery like a long gown or something and set the outfit off (not that strippers wouldn’t wear long gowns I’m not trying to pigeon-hole you strippers out there I’m just assuming this isn’t what your customers would prefer you wearing…). Then again, I did used to wear these heels with Herve Leger dresses and look more on the plastic side, but we will kindly forget those days for now.

Anyway, the point of these shoe stories is to take you on a journey of my shoe family and tell you some stories about funny/weird things that happened when I was wearing these shoes…let’s begin.


This story begins with me on a night out, wearing these Lady Dafs and a Herve Leger dress (maybe what happened later was God punishing me for this combo…). I had worn these shoes quite a few times before and despite the fact that I had lost the feeling in my toes 20 minutes into wearing them, I managed to survive an evening in these. So there I am, enjoying my night, when as I’m walking my ankle goes BANG. You know what I mean by my ankle going bang, right? When you’re in heels and your ankle just completely forgets it’s job and slams to the side (get it together ankle). So that happened and it f*cking hurt. I sat down for a little, decided I could walk normally and carried on with my night, dancing on it, a little light twerking (not as violently as usual due to the ankle incident). Went home, fell asleep, forgot it had happened. I’m not one of those people who always sprains something or injures themselves constantly and I’ve never blacked out apart from that one time in rounders when I was 12 someone knocked me out with the rounders ball… So I woke up the next day, got up and felt a ridiculous amount of heat in my ankle, I felt it surge up my body and then I passed out. Like actually. It was ridiculous, and very unlike me, and I gave my ankle a good talking to let it know that I don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour and half-arsed jobs. Basically, I sprained my ankle and hobbled around for a bit after that incident.

Needless to say, my daffodils have only been taken on short curb-to-car trips afterwards. The crazy thing is the fact that I’ve heard from lots of people who have these shoes that they’re super comfy and they can last all day in them. In which case, props to you girl, I can’t handle it. I’m not about that life quite yet. I need to train myself up a bit.


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