Teen Choice Awards ’15 Best & Worst Dressed

The Teen Choice Awards. I won’t lie and say that I don’t know any of the films/TV shows up for nominations because I’m waaaayy too mature for those teeny-bopper shows and what not…I know more of them that I should, and although this isn’t the Oscars, it’s still an opportunity to judge people’s fashion choices (or their stylist’s choices), so let’s go right on ahead and do that…

Teen Choice Awards Best Dressed


Lord Bless this child, she is sass and fire and of course she was going to slay. On the hanger I would have gone ahead and said a strong no to this outfit but look at her she pulls it off and she looks incredible. I love the huge, thin hoops hanging from her lobes and her hair and make up match the outfit so well.

Shay Mitchell

Yes yes, such a strong choice. The sandals were a great choice for the dress and the dress was sexy, well tailored but appropriate for the awards show. Love it, need it.

Rita Ora

I think we all know she made this section of the list purely for her shoe choice (incredible). But to give her props the colour was pretty cool and her hair tips matched which is impressive. It was a fun, simple, well tailored look and it worked.

Sarah Hyland

The colour is cute, it suits the event, it’s still young and sexy and it has the whole cropped trend going on, her hair looks cute and her shoes match well *snaps for Sarah*.

I’m not sure what to think…

Britney Spears

How old is Britney these days? Too old to wear this dress. My head and eyes are all over the place, the asymmetric hemline plus the plunging neckline plus the mesh inserts over her boobs…it’s not working, it looks like a stage outfit. It looks like she just hopped off her swing singing “Every Time” in Vegas and stomped onto the blue carpet of the Teen Choice Awards.

Bella Thorne

I’m so sad, because this dress is Balmain and I feel like this look was just…ok? I don’t know if it’s because the pattern makes me think of arteries and veins and it kind of weirds me out or maybe because the shoes aren’t hot enough to match the dress well. I love Bella though so…I’ll let her off.

Victoria Justice

Victoria looks like she’s missing from a saloon, one step away from a holster and spurs. Fringes went out with Coachella ok?

Teen Choice Awards Worst dressed

Chloe Grace Moretz

This is the Teen Choice Awards and I’m not sure about the stats but I’m pretty sure that 90% (10% for the emo types) of teens are super fun so why is Chloe dressed like she’s 45!? So un-fun. It’s also so sad ’cause Chloe is usually so badass.

Janel Parrish

The top section of this dress looks like it’s going to be a kimono but the rest of the dress is ill-fitted and just horrible. It’s trash. What is this monochrome skeletal-looking butterfly pattern!? You know it’s bad when the best part of the outfit is the bit no one looks at: the bag.

Jordin Sparks

Someone tell me this is a joke. This must be a joke, right? She looks like she bought this dress in the teen section from her local super market, if you don’t get a headache from looking at this dress it gets worse when you see her shoes…beyond hideous.

Sabrina Carpenter

I know you’re young. I know you’re scared to tell people ‘no’, but if there was one time to speak your mind it was to your stylist when he/she unveiled this. She looks like she stood outside for too long and some wisteria started growing on her. Who told her the shoes matched!? Also the dress is way too big over the poor girl’s arms.

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