OOTN: Buckle Up

Harnesses are very 50 shades. Well, obviously. I get that they’re a trend snatched from the bondage scene (obvs) but there’s a balance you have to strike when wearing these recreationally – I think they can look a little too bondage-y and ever so slightly tacky when they’re black.  They need to be chained or embellished to remove them just a tad from looking like men pay you to stand on them in your stilettos.


So, I had a friend’s birthday to attend (yay) and I just bought the Wolford Fatal dress. Let me tell you about the Fatal dress – it’s basically a super soft and high quality tube dress, it can be worn a weird number of ways (like 8 looks out of one ‘dress’) and it’s the dress Kim K-West has been living in for the past 11 months (or there abouts). And now I get it, I get why she doesn’t take this baby off because it’s ridiculously comfortable and super easy to wear. So I’m weird and I can’t really deal with strapless things so I wasn’t about to slink out into the night with my naked shoulders feeling the breeze, so I slipped on a cropped t-shirt. But, I was feeling a little to basic and we don’t deal with basic bitchery around here so I snapped on my harness and laced up my shoes which brought my outfit to a 10. I’m pretty happy with my effort.



Sidenote: The great thing about wearing this dress for a night out is that when it gets all hot and sweaty and your jam comes on and you’re ready to clear the floor and put everyone in their place with your moves that challenge Bey then the dress is so versatile you can hoist it up to make it a midi or a mini – *gasps* so many options!

OOTN Details

Jacket: Gap Scuba Moto Jacket

Dress: Wolford Fatal Dress

Cropped t-shirt: Missguided

Harness: Giuseppe Zanotti

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

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