The weirdest NYFW show ever? VFiles SS16

So, VFiles already starts off being unconventional as a collective of designers (cool – I like it). For NYFW this September, 5 designers all under 22 (as if there weren’t enough people my age making me feel unproductive) showcased their individual collections under VFiles. It’s a weird concept, but it’s pretty cool. Sidenote: Migos made a cameo…amazing. Each designer’s collection was super different from the next – from a collection based upon the designer’s father’s cancer recovery to another collection blurring gender lines to one collection that featured many a dick (we’ll get back to this one).

VFiles NYFW SS16

All the collections were super impressive and some more wearable than others, I’m gonna spend a little moment of your time focusing on two of the collections, which I have named “The Dick Collection” and “The Rihanna Met Gala Dress Collection”.

VFiles SS16

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The dick collection, started off pretty cool with some F1 flag wavers and it seemed an LA-vibe kind of thing. WRONG. Then the inflatables came out. Reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s tentacle dress from her last tour, some stuff was happening which I’m not sure how to describe… I was in equal parts uncomfortable and feeling like Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (it’s a legitimate feeling, look it up). There was a dick bralet, another look which had heart wings with the words “Think Outside The Cocks” embroidered on, complete with questionable pairings of emojis (aubergine + fist….rude) and a look that was dominatrix on the top and Victorian debutant on the bottom, I’m not sure if it would have fit in on adult sites like or if the bottom half negated the dominatrix effect. Confusing, very stage appropriate and I kind of loved it in a “I wish I was going to a party where I could wear that to” kind of way.

The Rihanna Met Gala Dress collection made me feel some typa way. I have spoken previously about how I have a thing for black and yellow and so this collection screamed my name. It’s fabulous and canary and opulent and #SoVersailles. All together the pieces look like they might be too much but individually a lot of the pieces are wearable. I’m still not convinced by these fur shoes though, it will just end up in tears, matted wet fur and a very high dry cleaning bill.

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