Chanel Paris Fashion Week SS16 Show

It’s the show everyone waits for, and actually cares about, to see what Karl has conjured up this time. The Chanel runway never really is a ‘runway’, it’s been a supermarket (my fave), a protest, an art gallery and now…an airport. The chicest and most Versailles airport my eyes have ever seen – I can no longer settle for British Airways, I demand to fly only #ChanelAirways in CC class (should probs start selling my life on eBay).

Chanel SS16

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The whole thing was next level – this was not the airports we know and slightly despise (and have to take our shoes off for – it kills me), for one thing I bet the luggage trolleys don’t have that one stubborn, gammy wheel that refuses to move in the direction you need it to which leaves you swerving the damn thing to avoid knocking down small children and the elderly. Rant over. Anyway, the show took place at gate No. 5 (obvs) and it was incredible. Recently, Chanel has been embracing the casual side of things and I highly approve. The models wore backwards caps, how very Fresh Prince, and the collection caters to 3 types of stylish traveller: the comfy traveller, the sophisticated traveller and those who travel unrealistically glam.

Chanel SS16

Whenever a Chanel collection shows I’m immediately drawn to the accessories and this SS16 collection doesn’t disappoint – part from the silver and clear shoes, I know they’re going to be huge but I hate them, I’m so sorry Karl…forgive me? We already know Chanel bags kill it, and the jewellery is to die for but the sunglasses this season…I need. The super neon reflective aviators are everything right now. I’m also dying over the sweater/skirt matching sets, they’re very clueless/private school chic and I love it. Also, don’t laugh but, there were a pair of light up sandals…yes, light up, but they’re more sophisticated than the ones you used to stomp in as a child and they’re Chanel so they’re allowed. Sidenote, Chanel Airways means one thing…luggage. Sexy, classic, beautiful Chanel luggage. Lord, please why do you keep doing this to me? Why do you keep making me add to my Wishlist!?

If I have taken away one thing from this collection it’s that I need to step up my Airport swag and I need to do that with Chanel.

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  1. October 7, 2015 / 8:37 am

    Oh cool. I like that they done something different to a usual runway. I want to fly Chanel Airways! X

  2. October 7, 2015 / 8:41 am

    I love the skirt in look 28, the pattern absolutely stunning x

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