NYC Diary Day 1&2 OOTD

Well, well, well guess who went to New York for a long weekend. So I proudly made my way to Heathrow Terminal 3 for the tiniest bit of duty free shopping and to clamber onto a gravity-defying metal bird for 7.5 hours. Airport swag was black-on-black (obvs) with my monochrome Jordans and maxing out my hang luggage allowance, I was ready. I went by myself ’cause my main reason for visiting the city was for the Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty Bloggers conference. Pretty cool huh? I was mainly just hyped for the food and other random American treats with too much sugar, colourings and salt…mmmmmm salt. The flight was underwhelming so I won’t dwell on it.

I was met by no one at JFK airport not because I was travelling all by my lonesome but because I managed to book the worst driver who failed to turn up in time for my arrival and when he did he threw one of my bags at me and told me to carry it. Anyway, after a particularly painful journey into Manhattan I was met by further incompetence and unfriendliness at my hotel (W New York – don’t take Drake’s advice, I won’t be meeting you in the lobby because I won’t be staying there).
I felt oh so like a New Yorker as I carried two boxes which I could barely see over to the post office – mundane? Yes but I was met by a fabulous woman who let me cut the queue and I was there to do some celebrity gifting (it’s a secret, don’t tell). I then hopped on a train to New Jersey to see my family and stay the night.
For my trip back into the city I wore a SS16 Moschino piece and I am living for it – so comfy but gangster at the same time. Cranking up the heat a little, I donned my Highlands and felt like a total boss – so much so a guy insisted on cleaning the pavement I walk on (the magic of the Weitzmans…) – God I love New York. After spotting Wendy Williams at Whole Foods (how you doin’) we headed to Cajun Sea, a Cajun boil restaurant. Now, if you’ve been around So Versailles for a while you’ll know that crawfish is my death row meal – that right there is my ish and I crave it more than the average person should crave anything…hey guys my name is Cassie and I’m a crawfish addict. However, my dreams were well and truly pissed on when the restaurant didn’t have any crawfish in so I had to settle for crab *cries*.
 After that meal, I went full-on beast mode and turned into a shopping machine – it was at this point I regretted the heels whilst shuffling down the streets of NYC drowning in bags and praying I don’t lose circulation in my arms…my fingers turned blue at one point. I was simultaneously impressed and disgusted by how much shopping I can do in four hours. One of the greatest things about New York for a compulsive money-spender like me is that the shops close late, which means I can keep going until midnight, or until my bank calls me to tell me someone has stolen my card and gone mental, then when when they read me the list of transactions I realise there is no thief and I just have a problem.

That night I feel asleep to weird infomercials about a hair loss treatment, which is none of your business but I felt it was necessary to include.



Sweater Dress > Moschino

Boots > Stuart Weitzman, on sale here and similar here


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  1. October 28, 2015 / 10:24 am

    Gosh… New York for the weekend – how awesome is that! Loving your outfit too! 🙂

  2. October 28, 2015 / 10:32 am

    I’ve wanted to go to New York like forever! Sounds like it is amazing for shopping too.

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