How I spend my $: Personalised Ralph Lauren Jacket

I love personalisation and monogramming and making a piece truly mine. Yes, fair enough I won’t make a nice profit on eBay once I’m over the item in months to come but it was hot while it lasted. Also, you should never buy things knowing you’ll end up hating them and try to rid them from your life via eBay where you have already disrespected the item by starting the auction at 99p, where you have frustrated yourself when you receive ridiculous emails from prospective buyers asking for information clearly posted on your item listing, where you cry a little inside when the item goes for 1-5% of the price you bought it for but you’ve committed to the sale…

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

Personalised Ralph Lauren Jacket

Anyway, aside from custom and couture, personalisation/monogramming is one of the few ways we can truly make a commercial piece ours, which is why I got all flustered when I found out Ralph Lauren in Harrods was offering personalised embroidery on their black varsity jackets. You better believe that I got myself over there and slid my card over that counter. I had to get ‘Cassie’ on the back because I was restricted to 10 characters so ‘So Versailles’ wasn’t happening *sigh* it’s cool though. I’m obsessed with it. This is my first varsity-style jacket and it’s perfect. #OBSESSED


Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket, £170 from Harrods with complimentary personalised embroidery.

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