The AMAs 2015 Best & Worst Dressed

Y’all know when an awards show comes around my smidgen of evil creeps out, and it gets me letting out a creepy smile and wringing my hands with glee. Look, we all love a little bitch right? And who’s fashion choices are better to bitch about than people who pay people to help make their choices? Well here we are, the AMAS red carpet, in no particular order…


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Best Dressed


Yess girl, look at this creation hanging so perfectly over the body we all envy (but just cant give up the junk food for…). I’m dying over this black, lace/mesh/embellished piece leaving just the right amount to the imagination whilst simultaneously having us tearing up over how toned Ciara’s body is. Just…glorious.


Hannah Davis

Yes. Just yes. Beautiful and sexy yet not overly in your face ‘THIS IS MY BODY’, the high neck of the dress gives a demure angle. The mesh is heavy and chainmail-y, very LARP (live action role play), and paired with simple sandals, a great combo.

Gigi Hadid

This girl can do no wrong. Ugh. The outfit is fun and sexy and perfect for the AMAs and her hair goes so ridiculously well with it. There’s a lot of skin on show but damn, when that’s the body you’re working with, no one is complaining. Gigi, I need you to tell me your secrets, all of them.

Nina Dobrev

I know I’m not one for florals, but I kind of love this. I love the matching of the blazer and her top, it’s very sophisticated, though I wish her shoes weren’t so middle-aged…she could have thrown on some platforms and had a little more fun with it.


Girl, I see you with that smirk, I know this is easy for you, this dressing up for events thing, ’cause you kill it every time. Zendaya is always age-approrpiate but super stylish and she just walks out onto that carpet…slaying. The colour match of the outfit and the shoes is cute, and I love the floral pattern to soften up the bomber, which is also super in right now. Yes.


Ok, I cheated with this one because it’s not from the red carpet but it’s just too good to not mention. Lord, help me. This woman, right before your eyes is 46…FORTY SIX. I had to google that then actually do the maths from her birth year because I didn’t believe it. There are no words to describe that body. Evidently, J-LO has forgone the underwear and there’s a tiny part of me thats like, girl , you got kids, but then I think when you have a body like that, get it out as much as you can. I hate the actual dress tho, it looks like a spider’s web but aside from that hhhere’s the view from the back….

Gwen Stefani

GWEN! Killing it. Im obsessed. It’s feminine and sexy but fun at the same time. The make up and her hair is perfect for this. Yes, Gwen, slay.

Carrie Underwood

The glittering mini dress with the delicate sparking cape is everything right now.

Julianne Hough

I love the colours and the pattern and I love the style of this dress – the modest neck and short sleeves but then the bomb-ass ‘I obviously didn’t wear any underwear with this’ slits plunge down from the top of her legs…killing us softly with their drop. Wrong shoes and wrong hair though…


Hailee Steinfeld

*sigh* so, I feel like I wanted to like this but then it sort of reminded me of girls on a dirty night out and then I pictured Hailee slut-dropping and it made me feel awkward. So it’s ok but…but she should try harder next time.


Kendall & Kylie Jenner

Ladies, I was expecting so much more from you. Kendall’s dress is cute or whatever but nothing amazing and Kylie’s dress is…I’m not too sure what it’s trying to accomplish.


Ashley Benson

Ashley, look girl, I get what you were trying to do here and I love the concept but the suit should have been more tailored to give that ‘Im a Boss Ass Bitch’ look I hope you were going for. Not your fault, blame your stylist…and hire me *winks*.

Demi Lovato

Kris Jenner’s Gatsby party was like 2 weeks ago, dear.

Worst Dressed

Ellie Goulding

Such a beautiful singing voice but such terrible fashion choices. What is this? She looks like the belongs with the Flinstones, she gives Pebbles a run for her money. Poor girl, half fringed, asymmetric, with a random piece of shoddy leather on the bottom *shakes head*.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Oh dear…usually so stylish and enviable. Was Chloe aware that she was attending the 2015 AMAs this evening, because she looks like she, literally, rolled out of bed (complete with 12 year old hair clips) and just turned up to the event? Chloe, get it together, please.


Alicia Silverstone

I don’t know where to start…it looks like her stylist thought she was two sizes bigger than she actually is and put her in this awful, clearly too big (the poor woman has to jut her hip to the side so you can’t notice), sequinned horror. .


Z La La

Here’s the thing. When Gaga did her crazy business, it was weird, but interesting and you had to figure it out most of the time. This woman just turned up looking like Ursula from a local theatre production of The Little Mermaid.


Tove Lo

Everything is wrong, and kill those shoes.

Paula Abdul

Paula, you’re too old. That is all.


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  1. November 25, 2015 / 10:00 am

    I love Ciara and Carrie Underwoods looks! I think they’re the best. I love Kendall Jenners too. Looks simple from the front but the back is really low cut and gorgeous on her. xx

  2. November 25, 2015 / 10:07 am

    My word, J-LO. She looks amazing. By all accounts not a particularly nice lady but what a body. She really is evidence that age is just a number. Like you though, I hate the dress – far too messy! Tx

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