NYC Travel Diary: The Last Days

The saga is almost over – here’s my NYC travel diary for the remnants of my days in New York over the holiday season.

The Freedom Tower opened up to enthusiastic tourists over the summer who wanted to see NYC from 100 floors up. Btw the Freedom Tower has an observatory and not an observation deck (like the glorious Empire State Building) which means you’re indoors (yay for chilly days) and you don’t have to go through the anxiety of wanting to take the perfect shot of the NYC skyline but also getting cramp in your fingers because you fear you may just drop your camera though the grill…(doubt insurance would cover than accidental damage). The downsides of an observatory is the glare from the windows in photos so you win some and all that. The observatory at the Freedom Tower has been done pretty well, there’s even a cafe (thank God) so it’s a highly recommended.

Since we were in downtown we decided to say around the area and wander aimlessly around Soho which I have fallen deeply (deeply) in love with – it’s arguably the best Soho (soz London). It was here I found Kit & Ace. I’d heard about the brand before this holiday and wanted to go in the store – it was a bad move on my part because it meant that my arms would be dragged down by the number of hangers I’d hooked on them with all the pieces I wanted, no, needed. The quality is next level and everything is tailored so subtly and beautifully – so your basics don’t end up making you look…basic.

That evening I’d booked us in at Striphouse which is a must for steak. Aside from the steak being nothing less than Godly, I also opted for a share of the Baked Alaska which made me feel like I should be on ‘My 600lb life’ but I don’t regret a moment of it (yes, that good).

(Click to enlarge for details/descriptions)

My last days in NYC consisted of me getting ill (ew) but soldiering on and getting my nails done in my sickly state and ending the wonderful trip going full circle with the tastiest dinner ever (again) at The Boil.

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