MTV Movie Awards 2016 Best Dressed (& Worst!)

Weirdly enough the MTV Movie Awards happened on Saturday night, then aired on Sunday…strange, but whatever, it gave me more time to research and write this (although I’m still writing this the night before as I had no idea the red carpet pictures were already out…forgive me?), so here goes the So Versailles MTV Movie Awards 2016 Best Dressed…and worst.

Kendall Jenner MTV Movie Awards 2016

Sidenote: I’ve literally never heard of the majority of people who turned up at the MTV Movie Awards…


MTV Movie Awards 2016  Best Dressed

Kendall Jenner

Kendall killed it on the red carpet. I’m never a huge fan of a halter but Kendall knows how to slay them, and the dress looks good or whatever but let’s be honest it’s the shoes that slay and leave lifeless bodies littered along the red carpet. They’re next level, they’re killer and they’re obviously ridiculously annoying to lace up, but the blood, inevitable sweat and tears of impatience are so damn worth it.

Cara Delevingne

Ok, so we know Cara has a body that just pours salt in all our wounds of jealousy and everything looks amazing on her but I’m dying over this jumpsuit. I have a feeling this sexy lil’ bad boy is Balmain, as the top looks super similar to the AW16 collection (major fashion props to me if I got that right). Her hair and make up keep the look on a grunge theme that Cara does too well and the cut outs against the sleek black jumpsuit keep the look sexy and v. appropriate for the awards.

Gigi Hadid

Everyone’s girl crush kept her red carpet game strong and still managed to change up her look with those super 70s Stevie Nicks-y bangs. Ok so, I love the whole impeccable tailoring thing going on and as much as I have always believed that only very few people can pull off a pin-striped suit (this includes one of my old history teachers…long story), Gigi is obvs one of them. I’m dying over the pop of yellow in her shirt. Kill it girl, yay for the Gig (pronounced Geege).


Yes, I know you’re shocked but Halsey (whoever she is, if I should know her I admit to being ignorant) made it into my best dressed because she dressed for the MTV Movie Awards, like people used to…here I’m mainly referring to times like when Lil’ Kim rocked up with nipples pasties and a trail of controversy…I miss those fun MTV times before teen pregnancy became a thing. Anyway, Halsey is having fun with it and I hoped for more tastefully fun outfits this year.

MTV Movie Awards 2016 Worst Dressed…

Chanel West Coast

…looks like she dressed for her local BBQ in a neighbourhood in which she’s known as the girl who will buy anything because its designer but has no taste. She bought that bag because its Moschino, even though it’s the worst bag in the collection. She wore a bomber jacket because it’s super in right now. She wore braids because Coachella is coming up. She wore drawstring bags on her feet because…well,even I can’t think of a reason for that…

Keltie Knight

Ummm…I feel like she really tried. Where did the lace cropped leggings come in? Paired with the dominatrix-worthy heels…I just can’t quite keep up, it’s not very cohesive.

Andrea Whitt/Boho Bunnie

So, I see what she was going for. I’m assuming she was after a 70s chic thing going on but she just looks like she tried too hard. The patchwork denim, first of all, why? Second of all, it’s a little too small. Thirdly, were the glasses really  necessary? I don’t know I just sort of feel like she wouldn’t look too out of place picking her kids up from school, where she’s the kind of weird mum who’s probably an aspiring singer. I’m a bitch, I know but I’m just telling it how I see it…

What do you think of the MTV Movie Awards 2016 red carpet looks?

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  1. April 11, 2016 / 10:33 am

    I have to admit, I’m not hugely fussed on any of them but Cara Delevingne looks by far the best 🙂

  2. April 11, 2016 / 10:38 am

    I definitely think Cara was the best dressed of the night, little bit of a quirky outfit but she manages to pull it off as usual! x

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