Where to eat in NYC

If you’ve been ride or die with me here on So Versailles, you’ll know that I went to New York three times last year and if you know me in real life, you’ll know that I used to go to¬†NYC nearly every summer for a long time and if I’m good at anything it’s shopping and eating. Shopping in NYC is a no-brainier though so no one needs help with that but eating on the other hand, with so much choice I’ve decided to give my two cents on my death row meals* in New York. So now I’m going to tell you where to eat in NYC…

Where to eat in NYC…

1. The Boil

139 Chrystie Street

The Boil NYC
If you’re looking for a Louisiana boil in NYC or even if you’ve never tried Louisiana boil-esque food before then you have to go to The Boil. Choose from my beloved crawfish, different types of crab and other tasty crustaceans, choose your sauce (always go for The Boil Special) and it’s level of spice, then wait with anticipation and don your plastic gloves and bib until your plastic bag of indescribable next level tastiness is plopped into your table. Then thank me, because you wish you could taste that tastiness everyday of your life. Tip: if you’re not about that waiting in line life then get there just before or right on 5pm so you can calm that craving asap.

The Boil NYC


2. Joe’s Pizza

7 Carmine Street

150 East 14th Street

Joes Pizza NYC
NYC pizza is a competitive beast and errbody has their fave but without starting up a underground pizza fight club to find out who the real mvp is I’m just gonna make it easy for you: Joe’s Pizza. I mean it’s so good that Ben Affleck amongst other celebrities call it their fave . Bought by the slice, there’s not an array of toppings – you won’t find a stuffed crust or a “meat feast” (ew) or “Texas BBQ” or some equally gross type of pizza (I’m a purist), it’s very simple pizza, created with mastery and some sort of addictive ingredient (I’m sure of it)which means one slice is never enough. Fast, unassuming, unapologetic, damn good pizza.

Joes Pizza NYC


3. Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

Grand Central Station

Oyster Bar NY
If you enjoy the majority of sea creatures up in yo’ belly (I say majority because there’s some weird stuff creeping around in the ocean) then this is the place for you. It’s nestled in Grand Central Station, with a super beautiful interior. The menu is so long and comprehensive you’ll need a good 10 minutes of deliberation before you give up, close you’re eyes and prod at a dish – don’t worry about it though because everything is so fresh and tasty. You can’t not order the calamari, which is fresh, light and crisped to perfection.

Oyster Bar NY


4. Buddakan

75 9th Ave.

Buddakan NY
If you read my NYC diary then you’ll know that this place is bomb – everything you’d want from a nice dinner spot – ambience, incredible food and an interior to die for. It’s sexy and chic, which is why it was perfect for Carrie & Big’s rehearsal dinner in the SATC film. There are also different rooms which you can request to be seated in all with a different ambience and theme (super chic). Buddakan serves up some of the best Asian Fusion I’ve ever had. Recommendation? The Dim Sum taster starter, which comes out as two tiers of various tasty parcels of satisfaction.



5. Strip House

155 West 44th Street

11 East 12th Street

13 East 12th Street

Strip House NYC
You haven’t had steak until you’ve been to Strip House. Huge chunks of steak with an incredible crust and super tasty sides. Don’t neglect the bacon starter, it’s unlike anything you’ve had before and the Baked Alaska for dessert is so amazing you’ll want to close your eyes, elbows on table, and nurse your spoonfuls, looking lovingly at the glorious once flaming mound. Worth it.

Strip House NYC


*If I was on death row, these would be the meals I would be requesting as my last supper (how depressing). Capital punishment, ew, heavy topic.

Do you have any favourite places to eat in NYC? Have you tried any I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.

Be So Versailles.

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  1. April 20, 2016 / 11:33 am

    Omg Buddakan sounds incredible! I’ve never been to NYC, I’m so jealous that you made it there 3 times in a year.

  2. April 20, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    The strip house is certainly my type of food! New York has never been a destination I want to visit but j would love to try some American food! More southern states

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