Billboard Awards 2016 Best Dressed (& Worst)

On Sunday night the Billboard Music Awards happened and it gave me another chance to judge celebrities and they’re stylists for what they thought was fashionably appropriate or cool for the event. I love writing these lists, and just for some background: JLO slayed last year so who was this year’s Billboard Music Awards 2016 best dressed…and worst….


Billboard Music Awards 2016 Best Dressed


The two-piece was nude, cute, simple and young. It suited her so well, and although I like Zendaya to kill it with fierceness she still does some damage looking cute in this outfit.

Kate Beckinsale

I won’t lie, I don’t really take much notice of Kate but this dress is so simple and amazing on her – the shoulder detailing gives the look a little something extra…then take a look at the back, YEESSSS! Loves it.

Jessica Alba

I’m in two minds here because it’s very obviously blazing in LA and this poor woman is in (very AW15) knee-high suede boots and long sleeves – I was worried she may combust any second. And her eyes are very Autumn/Winter too…either way, her dress is super cute with the laser-cut detailing – the whole look could have been better with some simple heeled sandals minus that weird hair bun…thing.

Kelly Rowland

Well, look who slayed, serving some chandelier realness. Kelly looked fabulous, inducing body-envy and subtly blinding the haters in her embellished gown.

Laverne Cox

Sashaying down the carpet in a glorious Michael Costello low cut gown. It was a no-brainer, let’s be honest.


Wearing a strategically cut dress she shimmered in all her silver delight looking incredible. Her hair worked so well with the look too. Very few, very few can get away with wearing what could be mistaken for a rather over the top apron, but here Ciara is, doing just that.

Keke Palmer

These latex dresses have been doing the rounds for the last couple of years, but I’m actually glad someone wore one on this red carpet to keep things fun and a bit dominatrix-y. With such an avalanche of truly questionable outfits this look was so refreshing to see.

Billboard Music Awards 2016 Worst Dressed


I never thought I’d have to write RiRi’s name in this section but I’d be lying if I said what she was wearing was ok, because it’s not. It looks like a massive men’s taffeta jacket that her stylist found in a thrift store and they didn’t have much time to alter it so they just sort of re-positioned the buttons and miraculously found a pair of ugly shoes to match. Disappointed doesn’t even cut it.

Ariana Grande

Um… I hate everything about this dress but mainly the odd fibre-optic pattern going on which reminds me of a “super fast broadband” advert. Then there’s the random cobalt blue bits weaving in and out of the dress plus the thigh high slit and the low neckline…there’s so much happening I can’t really keep up.


Although she does look a lot more put together and generally more clean than she has done on previous red carpets and I know she’s going through a lot right now but I’m not about this Louis XIV vibe she’s gone after, or Matador? I’m not sure. Either way though hair and make up are on point.

Demi Lovato

Is it just me or does Demi always look like she’s trying too hard? And here we have it again – the lace body + the wide trousers + the tweed jacket + the fingerless gloves = a hot mess.


This dress is Fausto Puglisi and it looked ridiculous (in a good way) on the catwalk, on Halsey however…it just doesn’t look right, like a cat on a lead…not right or necessary for that matter.

Britney Spears

We know you have a show in Vegas right now, I don’t know whether you forgot you were attending this red carpet today but this isn’t Vegas…it’s the Billboard Music Awards and only like one person can get away without wearing bottoms on a red carpet and it’s not you (it’s Lady Gaga). I will say, your body is killing it right now.


Are you supposed to be in dance rehearsal?

Z La La

I already gave my two cents on whoever this is last time she cropped up in a best and worst dressed post. But I think we all know she’s dressed herself in this bollocks to draw attention to herself as her music doesn’t seem to be doing that for her. Does she even go here!?

Who’s outfit did you like the most, and which one has you questioning their judgement?


Be So Versailles.

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  1. May 25, 2016 / 8:55 am

    I love Kate Beckinsale’s dress! I actually quite like Rihanna’s, too – I’m not usually a fan but it’s nice to see her in something a bit different 🙂

    • Cassie2102
      May 25, 2016 / 9:02 am

      You’re right, Rihanna’s is so different from her usual look – maybe I just fear change haha X

  2. May 25, 2016 / 8:55 am

    Best for me were Kate and Laverne – the latter often makes my best dressed list as she’s got such great style!

  3. Parie Joshi
    May 25, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    Zendya looked amazing!

    Parie x

    • Cassie2102
      May 25, 2016 / 3:01 pm

      She always looks incredible! X

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