The Estee Edit Review

The Estee Edit collection has been doing the rounds in the US now for a little while and I’ve been watching it closely, like a lion and its prey or R Kelly and any girl underage. I bee-lined to Selfridges after work on the day it dropped and stationed myself at the counter, then tried out every product on the goddamn stand…and left with pretty much everything in the collection 💸. Oh and I got to meet Kendall Jenner because of it… so that’s fun 🎉. So imma run through everything I got and what I thought, here we go with The Estee Edit review…

Estee Edit

Estee Edit Review

Estee Edit

I didn’t intend to buy the 2-in-1 Make Up Remover + Cleanser going in, but hell, it’s in my bathroom now. 

The Make Up Remover Wipes are incredible for heavy duty eye make up, actually the best wipes I’ve used, they slide that ish off in no time but the wipes for some reason don’t really work for face make up, so I follow up with the make up remover. The wipes and remover combo slays the makeup remover game and I’m super happy with them both. 

The Algae Cleansing Bar is another option, and more of a cleanser that a remover of makeup but it’s pretty bomb too – an old school way of doing things. Annoyingly it doesn’t come with a tray so sticky green bar to your bathroom sink.

Estee Edit Estee Edit Estee Edit

I’m obsessed with the White Mud Exfoliating Scrub + Mask – it’s an incredible exfoliator and if used as a mask you only need to leave it drying on your face for 5 minutes (win). My face is left soft and clear and it’s my new favourite 😊.

Estee Edit

The Flash Illuminator can be added to foundation for an all over glow or just blended into specific areas of the face. It’s great and comes indifferent tones but the consistency isn’t as liquid-y as I expected – it’s actually a little harder to blend than lots of Illuminators I’ve used before. It gives a great finish but it requires my concentration to use so I probs won’t repurchase. 

The Pore Vanishing Stick – swipe on as a primer, pores disappear. It works, it’s fabulous and contributes to a matiffied face.

Estee Edit Estee Edit

I was blindsided by how much I fell in love with the Double Mascara, it’s such a YES 😱. One side has a tiny lift/curl wand which is exceptional for your bottom lashes and the other wand is for volume and it’s my new favourite mascara (which never happens btw), actually amazing.

Estee Edit

I like the pressed Flash Photo Powder, it’s super fine and light and is tinted blue for some reason I don’t know but probably makes sense – the finish is light but matte and I’m impressed. 

Um The Barest Blush? YES. I got the shade 02 coy coral and it’s pigmented but not so much that one swirl of the product leaves you looking like that crazy old woman down the street who over-does her makeup, it gives you a super pretty, light, blush #killingit 😎.

Estee Edit Estee Edit

The Blackest Liner is this fat felt-tipped liquid liner which is easy to use but you won’t get that razor sharp, could kill wing. Also it’s not “the blackest” I have to go over it with a darker liner so that annoys me a bit but for a chubby wing it’s super easy.

Estee Edit

Btw when I met Kendall Jenner, at the event I got gifted two more products: The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick, which is super easy to use and smoke out, and the Flash Photo Gloss. The consistency is perfect – non-sticky but a high gloss finish. I’m actually in love with it and it probably would have been the last thing I would have tried, but now I’m obsessed with it and it’s my daily go-to.

Overall, the collection is impressive – you’ll definitely find something you’ll like in the range. The packaging is super cute as well, though I never buy things for their aesthetics do I….😏

Have you tried The Estee Edit collection? Would you try any of the products?

Be So Versailles.

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  1. June 17, 2016 / 8:57 pm

    I really love the packaging too, it looks so pretty 🙂

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      June 17, 2016 / 9:16 pm

      It’s really sleek and clean-looking! X

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