#NoFilterSkin: Lancôme Energie de Vie Review

Sometimes my skin hates me. And then I hate it. Then we are passive aggressive towards each other for a little bit. Eventually I give in, usually during a session of scrutinising every square millimetre of my face in the mirror – then I ask: “What have I done to you!? What do you want from me!?” To which my skin never replies because it’s inanimate…and petulant. But recently my skin and I have been super happy together, I even compliment it sometimes and it’s because of some therapy we’ve been going through…and the Lancôme Energie de Vie range.

Lancome Energie de Vie

Lancome Energie de Vie

The packaging is green. I like that. The range consists of a Pearl Lotion, a Liquid Moisturiser and a Night Mask if you’re in the UK. The range seems to differ a bit between countries (in the US: lotion, water-infused cream and an overnight balm) but I’ve tried both the mask and the comforting cream (available in France) and both are next level.

I have a confession to make: I’ve never tried Lancôme skincare before, I know I’m so late to the game. After my skin throwing a hissy fit, I was intrigued by the range because it’s inspired by Korean skincare (which I’m all over) and I liked the green…I’m being honest here ok!?

Lancome Energie de Vie

The pearl lotion isn’t the consistency of a serum or a toner, it’s somewhere in the middle and does a refreshing job of hydrating and prepping the face for the rest of the range – it also dries super fast which is handy, because ain’t nobody got time for waiting.

Lancome Energie de Vie Lancome Energie de Vie

The liquid moisturiser is basically life changing – this is more like the consistency of a serum but it’s an actual moisturiser (again, dries fast) and it’s everything.

Lancome Energie de Vie Lancome Energie de Vie

I bought the range in Paris so I have the night comfort cream which is thick but never sticky, and leaves your skin hydrated, plump, soft and fresh-looking, ready for the morning.
Prior to using this range, my skin had basically been having a temper tantrum and literally since using Lancôme’s Energie de Vie, my skin is smooth, soft and basically looks amazing even without a filter (#NoFilter), no need to switch to the trusty dog filter or that smoothing one on the Snap anymore (btw, my snap name is: Cassie2102).
Basically, I’d highly recommend the range, it’s fabulous and has done wonders for my skin in such a short amount of time using it, so if you’re after a range that’s moisturising – Lancôme’s Energie de Vie will hook you up.


Which skincare brand/range do you swear by? Have you tried Lancome’s Energie de Vie?


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  1. June 13, 2016 / 8:56 am

    That moisturiser sounds great, I like the idea that it’s quick drying. Some moisturisers are a nightmare!

  2. June 13, 2016 / 9:07 am

    I really like the sound of them all, especially the texture of the Pearl Lotion x

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