Mask Monday: Egg Cream Mask – Too Cool For School

First Impressions

The mask comes out very slimy (probably something to do with the egg) and is adhered to a mesh which you peel off before applying (interesting). Nothing out of the ordinary.

Egg Cream Mask

Straight out of the packet


A game, as usual with sheet masks, it takes me 5 minutes to manipulate the mask over my face and 3 minutes to convince myself I’m not something out of Silence of The Lambs.

Egg Cream Mask


Wait time & Comfort

The wait time is 15 – 20 minutes so I pottered around and listened to Migos for a bit whilst waiting. It didn’t slide down my face, as some of these masks do, and did a pretty good job of staying put. Comfortable, a little chilly (to be expected).


My skin definitely felt more plump and glowy. Once I’d let the serum/juice seep into my skin and dry, my skin was super soft too.

Overall Rating


I’m a fan and I’ll be using this on the regular – not to work magic and rid me of breakouts but to breathe some life into my skin and get it glowing.


Have you tried the Egg Cream Mask? What are your mask recommendations?

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