Juicy Couture: #TRACKISBACK

Juicy Couture Velour track suits make me reminisce about better times, namely circa 2007, when The Simple Life was huge and super low rise jeans were a thing, as were Von Dutch caps and Jesus is my Homeboy tees (I miss those #need). We’ve been seeing the takeover of athleisure which has now penetrated (ew) the majority of fashion situations, we’ve brought the Adidas tracksuit back so really, there was only one more milestone to conquer: the velour tracksuit. #TrackIsBack

Kim Kardashian in Juicy Couture Paris Hilton in Juicy Couture Britney Spears in Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture has been creeping back into relevance recently by collaborating with Vetements, trendy brand of the moment even though I still don’t get it,¬†on velour catsuits, bedazzled with the brand’s name of course.

Vetements Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture X Vetements

Universally loved for being ridiculously comfortable, and probably collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe (don’t lie, you have one), it’s time to get your Juicy Couture tracksuit back out. This time though, the rules have changed a bit: if you can still rock the straight down velour leg, then you do you honey, but Juicy have some skinny legged velour pants which are perfect and of course, super twin-able with a matching zip-up hoodie, which is also available in an oversized style these days.

Juicy Couture #trackisback Juicy Couture #trackisback Juicy Couture #trackisback

It’s all about styling the tracksuit to make it current – layering is key. Juicy zip up hoodie under a leather jacket or Juicy tracksuit bottoms paired with a sweater or the tracksuit, worn together, shrouded in a coat with a body suit underneath – play with the layers. Also the Juicy Couture track suit is the most perfect airport/travel outfit – matching, super comfy and fashionable (again) – so #winning. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been secretly waiting for this moment, I’m ready for this.

To shop Juicy’s Fall 2016 collection click here and watch the campaign video below.


Be So Versailles.

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