MTV VMAs 2016 Best Dressed (& Worst)

The MTV VMAs are my absolute favourite award show for fashion – much more fun that the Oscars or even the Grammys. This year’s VMAs was no disappointment, with a few of the usual suspects cropping up in my best dressed list and (as usual) a hefty selection of people who either need to fire their stylists or get their meds checked – here we go, the So Versailles MTV VMAs 2016 best dressed..and worst…

Beyonce & Blue Ivy MTV VMAs

MTV VMAs 2016 best dressed


*sighs* there are no words. There’s nothing to say. ‘Yonce drops the mic on the whole game…with Blue of course.

Let’s just take a moment for all of the stunningly important people in this picture and who/what they represent. Love Bey for doing this.

Kim Kardashian West

Here she is, Queen of the Internet, with faux wet hair and a shoulder slipping out of her dress like she just emerged from the sexiest, most high fashion shower ever. She kills the look, let’s be honest, with the mesh rouched up like that, paired with her lace up sandals. Not to forget Kanye, who matched his wife perfectly in all-white and a t-shirt that said ‘Famous’ on it…obvs.


This is what I was waiting for at the VMAs: sparkle and sheer. The jumpsuit suited her so well with the choker halter neck . Simple sandals to match. Love it.

Hailey Baldwin

The black sheer outfits are really working for everyone but look at Hailey. More and more it’s becoming apparent through the likes of Gigi & Bella Hadid and our girl Hailey here that yes, unfortunately some of us have won the genetic lottery and the rest of us will have to live with the gym and cosmetic surgery to get us close to this ethereal standard. That was a long winded way of saying she slayed and I wish I was her…


Apparently, I have a bit of a controversial opinion on Cassie’s outfit because I think she kills it. I’ve seen her pop up on a few ‘Worst Dressed’ lists and honestly, those writers should be fired. First of all, she SLAYS yellow hair, which is something I never thought I’d ever say. Secondly…the sharp tailored blazer with the impeccably tailored trousers and the fine gold body jewellery matching with the gold box clutch – its high fashion, bold but tasteful and SO GODDAMN VERSAILLES.

Britney Spears

Unfortunately sans albino snake draped over her shoulders Brit sashayed the carpet in an asymmetrical, cut out black dress that ended up looking pretty classic on her.

Nicki Minaj

I thought the Minaj looked incredible in this navy cut out dress. Lucky Meek Mill….he’s punching way above his weight and I think we all know it.

Best Performance Outfits of the Night


As we know, bitch won the Michael Jackson Vanguard award at the show, and bitch BROUGHT some fashion. Usually, these red carpet posts of mine are strictly red carpet but for once I’ll include some performance looks because…I really couldn’t not. Her Vetements head-to-toe look made me reconsider my whole rant-y post on the brand because she killed it in their new season Juicy bodysuit and waist-high boots. Also, I just had to include her incredible huge taffeta creation which on anyone else would look truly questionable but on RiRi just makes me want to sell my organs on the black market to own it.



Ok, I love yellow. I love crystals. It was therefore only natural that I endure a small excited panic attack when I saw Britney emerge in this bodysuit, then I died over the hoodie because..I want it.



As I just mentioned, I love crystals, so I sort of loved this matching outfit worn by Halsey. Also underboob, so chic.


I’m trying not to gush too much but, the fur though!!! Also, her gold jumpsuit avec cape…just in case we ever forgot she was the Queen.

MTV VMAs 2016 Worst Dressed

Alicia Keys

IIIIIIIIIII keep on fallin’ ooouuuuttttt of love with Alicia Keys outfit choices recently. Props to her and her no-make up look she’s doing these days but that horrible dress…who chose this!? Because Alicia, you need to get rid, they’re playing games with you girl…



This dress looks like something my un-qualified ass might have made in a  textile class when I was 14. It looks cheap, horribly tailored and the poor girl is left in a position where she has to force a smile on the red carpet and pretend like she isn’t terrified of tripping over her trousers (inevitable).


Justine Skye

The poor girl wandered into Hobby Craft and left in this. Smh.

Joan Smalls

The top of Joan says ‘cheap pleather bustier’ the bottom of Joan says ‘athliesure’. I’m so confused because none of this makes any sense!? Everything from the neck up is great though.

Dascha Polanco

Oh dear…this outfit looks like something Hilary Duff or a Cheetah Girl would have worn on their first Teen Choice Awards Carpet. It looks like she took pity on some family member with a sewing machine and didn’t have the heart not to wear it. Just the worst.

Farrah Abraham

First of all, she’s still alive? Second of all…how is she still alive? Thirdly…she got invited!?

What do you think of this year’s MTV VMAs fashion? Who was your fave this year?

Be So Versailles.

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