10 Things A Luxury Addict Will Relate To

3. A thief/mugger is better off taking your actual bag than what’s inside it. Or your shoes. No one carries cash anymore, and resale value, duh

4. That extra seat in the restaurant, is for your bag. Ha! the Louis doesn’t sit on the floor.

5. You’ll be mulling over a product for a few weeks, when you’re trying to be sensible and non-impulsive, then you spot it in an editorial or on a celebrity you love and….SOLD.

6. Seriously considering how much your non-vital organs could get you so you can get a piece of that Versace Atelier collection.

7. Telling yourself: “It’s fine, I’ll just live on noodles for the rest of the month.”

8. Telling yourself: “I’ll pass it down generations!”

9. When justifying another bag purchase: “My other bags are too big, this one’s the perfect size.” or “My other bags are too small, this one’s the perfect size.”or “but I don’t have one like this“.

10. You’re very protective of your luxury belongings, to the point where you will get into a fight over them.

Unfortunately, I’m guilty of all of the above…are you a luxury addict? Did you relate to any of the points above? What’s your favourite luxury purchase?

Be So Versailles.

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