What’s in my bag?

I decided to do my first non-favourites video, which by the way I’ve filmed twice because my laptop hates me (Thanks, Apple) and I’m still bitter about it, so today I’m bringing you a lil’ vid about what’s in my bag. In case you take a shine to anything jangling around in my Versace Palazzo Empire, then all the links are below. Enjoy…(also I completely zone out and forget where I am at the end of the video so…entertainment)


Versace Palazzo Empire Bag in Medium

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer (not available in the UK)

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Jacket (not available in the UK)

Kwanpen Wallet, similar from Kenzo

Oil Blotting Plastic Sheets

Kenzo Card Holder

FLO Celebrity Mirror

Louis Vuitton Card Holder

Mont Blanc Ball Point Pen

Chanel Lip Balm

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Gloss

Moo Mini Cards and Holders


If you have any more video suggestions, leave them in the comments 🙂

Be So Versailles.

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