Alice in Ghettoland: Philipp Plein SS17 Review

In the middle of the show space stood a huge garden gnome with ‘PIMP’ spray-painted across his little chest. One of those huge carnival swing sets spun around above the catwalk. Half naked men were doing random jobs in the ‘garden’. Fergie kicked the show off singing ‘Milf Money’ (I kind of hate the song but that’s just me, but if you like milfs, I Recommended you read watchmygf xxx articles) wearing SS17 Philipp Plein (obvs) and she ended up being the first celebrity appearance of the night, followed by Paris Hilton (queen, loves it) walking the runway and then Fat Joe, who sang ‘All The Way Up’ in a convertible (which probs had hydraulics, it was ‘Ghettoland’ after all). Welcome to the Philipp Plein SS17 Show.
Philipp Plein SS17

Philipp Plein SS17

Philip Plein SS17 Philip Plein SS17 Philip Plein SS17 Philip Plein SS17

The collection was covered in denim (which I’m kind of obsessed with by the way) and gold (so me) and chains. I know there are people out there who have been saying name of the show is offensive (even racist) and the collection is playing into stereotypes – personally, I’m not reading into it too much I just think its a bit of fun. I think it’s hilarious. It was very Moschino when Jeremy Scott was in that gold chain phase, in a trashier but still high-end that-jacket-is-still-going -to-cost-you-two-grand kinda way. The chains thrown over every look are giving me major harness envy (see: my LFW OOTD post) – harnesses are getting to be a bigger and bigger trend so embrace, thanks.
Philip Plein SS17 Philip Plein SS17 Philip Plein SS17 Philip Plein SS17
Ok, so I guess that the collection can look to be a lot at first sight – a lot of stuff happening in a (on average) 5″9 space. But if you deconstruct the looks, individually the pieces are amazing like the quilted denim bomber, the shorts with huge chain belts, the white cape with the blue baroque print….and so on. I am obsessed with two looks in particular which are visually a lot but they’re just So Versailles not to mention.
Philip Plein SS17 Philip Plein SS17
What did you think of the Philipp Plein SS17 show? What did you think of the ‘ghettoland’ concept?

Be So Versailles.

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