Everyone hates Kanye: Yeezy Season 4 Review

FYI: this post was live-written as I watched the show

Yeezy Season 4

Yeezy Season 4

Yes I’m streaming the show live on Tidal. Yes, I was sucked into getting Tidal. Yes, although I take great pleasure in bashing Yeezy’s seasons, I’m still here waiting for Yeezy Season 4 to start, which is currently 25 minutes late. All I know so far about the show is that Yeezy was only interested in multi-racial women to model his collection – which created both confusion and controversy – and people were shuttled to the show in buses…interesting. He is now 36 minutes late…39…I’ve nearly heard all of The Life of Pablo…50…an hour has passed… One hour and 40…it begins!

Yeezy Season 4

Yeezy Season 4

There’s many women of colour standing in a triangle on Roosevelt Island dressed in different shades of nude bodysuits and nude shorts and nude bralettes etc. They sit down periodically (I later found out this was due to the ridiculous heat) and water is being passed out to them (I also later found out one model had fainted, due to the heat).

There’s an elevated catwalk around the formation of women in the centre and on the other side of the catwalk lies the sweltering judge-y eyes of buyers and editors (who were kept almost 2 hours waiting) and the adoring eyes of the Kardashians and Kanye’s friends. 

Yeezy Season 4 Yeezy Season 4 Yeezy Season 4

So it looks like legit models (not from his model casting early this week) are walking on the catwalk in very Kim K-W approved looks – ribbed mini dresses and over-the-knee Vetements-looking pointed toe boots. The colour palette for Yeezy Season 4 is whites, beiges, shades of yellow and a tad of camo.

Yeezy Season 4

Yeezy Season 4 Yeezy Season 4 Yeezy Season 4 Yeezy Season 4

I admit that this Season seems to carry more wearable (not just body stockings) pieces – oversized jackets, dresses, skirts etc. But it wouldn’t be a Yeezy Season without featuring bralettes and cycle shorts and bodysuits (which I question if anyone really buys…). It was more of what we’ve seen before…

A few familiar faces walked on the elevated runway – namely Sophia Richie, Chanel Iman, Amina Blue (who was showing that the struggle is very real of walking in Kanye’s heels and took hers off mid-catwalk) and Kanye’s woman of the moment: Teyana Taylor (who showed her incredible body once again and forced me into a hole of non-gym-going guilt). 

It was predictable, we pretty much knew what Yeezy Season 4 is going to bring, and I’m not sure the collection did much to appease the buyers and editors who went on a half day excursion to wait 2 hours and watch a 10 minute show… This Season has only gone to assure me (unfortunately) that more nude ripped sweaters, Spanx-looking cycle shorts and clear ankle boots will flood the streets as the high street adopts the Yeezy vision…woohoo *rolls eyes*.

What did you think of Yeezy Season 4? Any better than the others, or just another load of bollocks?

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