Parachutes & Bungee Cords: Versace SS17 Review

I both love and hate Versace. I love absolutely everything about the brand, the history, the opulence, Donatella, but I do hate one thing about it. I hate the fact that every season makes me google “non-sexual escorting” to come up with the funds for the whole collection…because I need it…which brings us to the Versace SS17 show. As you should know by now, even though I try to get away with doing as little exercise as possible, I’m all about the athleisure and sports luxe trend. Versace’s SS17 collection has taken sports luxe to a whole new level, to a fabulous medusa-level of luxe.
 Versace SS17

Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17

Never did I think I would be intrigued by nay, obsessed with nylon parachute parkas and nylon jackets with bungee cord toggles, but here I am adding them to my wish list. The trousers in the collection are skinny-only, luxe leggings if you will, with the sexy zip up the front used as detailing. The bags are also everything: as we know, the Palazzo Empire is now a staple, so the SS17 collection showcased different colour schemes and also the cutest, tiniest, most adorable baby purple Palazzo Empire riding side saddle on a model’s hip. Nylon backpacks were spotted (I keep mentioning nylon because it’s a pretty cheap material so I’m hoping I won’t need to pimp myself out for too long), looking all cool and trendy on the models’ backs.
Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17
Also, the shoes. Each season Versace comes out with a pair of glorious chunky-heeled platforms and SS17 is no exception – this time with some very athleisure appropriate neoprene Velcro straps.
Note to self: as much as you’re quizzical about these Versace foam flatform sandals, they will be a thing, so Cassie, jump on that.
Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17 Versace SS17
 My favourite looks have to be the glorious black jumpsuit (#Need), Bella Hadid’s whole look and the amazing red, navy and grey nylon sweatpants and matching leather jacket.

 What did you think of the Versace SS17 show? What’s on your wishlist?

Be So Versailles.

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