Tweed gone Techy: Chanel SS17 Review

We all know the geeks come out on top. Steve Jobs, the Facebook guy, whoever came up with Netflix – let’s be honest, they weren’t the ‘coolest’, they weren’t guzzling gross concoctions of alcohol and sexting during class. They were coding, and questioning, all in an effort to make it raiiinnn oh, and change the world or whatever. Whilst the vodka guzzling idiots are making it rain pennies in the strip club, one night of Zuckerberg in the club will make you retire. Anyway, that long story was to basically say, tech is cool and fashion thinks so too, because for the Chanel SS17 show Karl whisked everyone away to #DataCenterChanel.

Chanel SS17

Chanel SS17

The set wasn’t as extravagant as previous shows where we saw Chanel Airlines (still attempting to book my ticket), when Karl turned Rome into Paris and when a street got shut down in Havana for a Chanel street party. The techy trend was woven into all of the pieces: iridescent handbags and chains, tweed dresses in motherboard colours, oh and a tiny robot handbag (cute).

Chanel SS17 Chanel SS17 Chanel SS17 Chanel SS17

Another theme intertwined with the geek chic was lingerie…strange combo. Slinky, delicate baby doll lace trims peeking out from underneath classic Chanel tweed jackets and dresses in fun, tutti frutti pastels. Also, let’s not overlook the caps making another appearance on the catwalk #snapbacklife.

Chanel SS17Chanel SS17 Chanel SS17 Chanel SS17

My favourite look has to be the blue, purple and pink dress with matching jacket worn with (you guessed it) a matching cap and emoji cat necklace. I’m dying over the colours, and the pop of pink on the side straps of the skirt of the dress. Um…the hot pink persex bag which is serving some haute Barbie realness…need. Although I’m not rushing to add any of the bags (minus the aforementioned) there’s one belt I need, yes, need: the pink chain belt with pink pearl detailing.

Chanel SS17Chanel SS17Chanel SS17 Chanel SS17

What did you think of the Chanel SS17 show?

Be So Versailles.

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