How To Wear Leggings…In Real Life

I am extremely particular about leggings being worn recreationally – I’ve been behind far too many poor souls who, unbeknownst to them, have had their entire underwear and surrounding flesh on show with their thin-ass cotton leggings to not be extremely specific with my choices. This is probably why people should wear designer leggings to help cover up their underwear. Btw you can’t wear cotton leggings anymore – well, you can, but you can’t sit with me and I will be passive aggressive towards you. Leggings should not be saggy, translucent or give you a low hanging gusset (even camel toes are better than low gussets but better than both of those is putting your leggings on correctly you remedial whore). Leggings are perfect for working out in too. If you are yet to endulge in a pair, I strongly recommend you visit The best thing about them is their versatility. Moreover, Leggings should suck it all in, shape you, be breathable, comfy but still kill it on the fashion front – this is where ADay Throw it Higher leggings come into play, and I’m going to demonstrate how to wear leggings…in real life.

aday leggings

ADay’s leggings are meant for everything – working out, sashaying around town, dropping 2016’s hottest album or turning tricks – whatever you want because they’re so versatile. ADay’s Throw & Roll leggings famously have a 2000 person waiting list – this is the low rise version of the leggings I bought, but I love a little high-waisted action.

aday leggingsaday leggings aday leggings

OOTD Details:

Jacket: Zara

T-shirt: Karen Millen, made my own holes in it

Leggings: ADay

Shoes: Alejandro Ingelmo

Brooch: Chanel

Handbag: Versace

aday leggings aday leggingsaday leggings

Ok so, I’d found my perfect leggings, now to style them in order not to look like a basic bitch (let’s be honest here). In this case I did in fact follow the leggings rule – slightly longer t-shirt – but only because my ass looks so good in these leggings I didn’t want to be the cause of heart attacks droppin’ left right and centre. So as a favour to society I wore a longer tee (I’m getting sassy today). Topped off with a nice lil’ bomber jacket and an unapologetic pair of black and gold high tops.

Be So Versailles.

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