AMAs 2016 Best Dressed (& Worst)

Ok we haven’t had a best and worst dressed for a while so I’m ready to let the bitch out on this post. Ugh…don’t get too excited, there are only a handful looks I die for, the rest leave me feeling no different to when I waste my hunger on an unworthy meal – disappointed. I know the AMAs aren’t the Grammys, but they aren’t your Grandmother’s 80th birthday either so, at least try to don something exciting celebrities, please. Get strapped in, the AMAs 2016 best dressed…and worst.

 Lady Gaga AMAs2016

AMAs Best Dressed

Taraji P. Henson

A clean, sexy, glorious slay. This woman was giving me a little RiRi as she strutted in her oversized shirt dress with a lil’ lace bra peeking through, perfect with her simple sandals and simple hair with a bold lip just added for some colour. Perfect. Classic. *snaps for Taraji*

Keke Palmer

This is what I wanted to see! Here’s Keke serving up some 90s, pimp mommy, Lil’ Kim (when she was still black) realness. The sass level is off the charts – I love the chain-mail two-piece with the pink fur casually draped and the matching pink glasses. Yes bitch! 

Lady Gaga

Here she is in a Brandon Maxwell creation, looking all elegant and classic. There’s not much to say because let’s be honest, she looks incredible. 

Gigi Hadid

I think if it wasn’t for the hair and make up pulling this outfit through I could have maybe put Gigi in Worst dressed with some comment about a doily (predictable). But with her hair swept back like that accentuating her collar bone area and her shoulders, this dress looks ridiculously elegant on her.


Ugh. She just looks amazing all the time, look at her all pregnant and amazing. I love how demure this outfit is with the jersey turtle neck and the poof of the skirt. Her hair was the perfect choice. Winning.

Bella Thorne

I love how young this look is with the body chain, bandeau and the Ariel-esque hair. It’s cute, it’s fun. Love.

AMAs Worst Dressed

Ariana Grande…

…is the personification of a Bratz doll. Like, actually. When will she stop with these horribly tailored two-piece sets!? The trousers look like an GCSE textiles effort, the bralette is irrelevant and someone needs to tell her these platform stripper heels, whilst they work on some (actual strippers and Lady Gaga), don’t work on her and make her look like an underage prostitute.

Olivia Munn

A gust of wind, or God forbid she drops something and this woman’s whole dignity is gone. This has to be a top, right? For real, this can’t be a dress…


*sigh* Halsey looks like a failed futuristic Lara Croft. It also looks like some cheap pleather creation which isn’t doing it for me. Hahaha look at how irrelevant the belt is.

Heidi Klum

Heidi is getting well and truly into the Christmas spirit as she has dressed herself in that cheap holographic tissue paper (you know the one I’m talking about) . It’s also just really unflattering.

Gigi Gorgeous

Oh Gigi. Look, I love Gigi and she’s fabulous but I just don’t get this!? If it didn’t have the sleeves then I think it would have worked but I can’t get my head around it. Can we give props to her make up though? Cause that works.


Why does Tinashe look like an Italian divorcée on the prowl for her 4th husband (the others died under suspicious circumstances)?

Whose outfit did you love? Who should fire their stylist…?

Be So Versailles.

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