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As you should all know by now (and if you don’t, you’re a terrible So Versailles Squad Member and you should be ashamed) I hoped on a plane not too long ago and festered in a health/medi spa for a week. Now, when you go away for a little break as opposed to a fully-fledged two-weeks-away holiday in which you come back all bronzed and goddess-like – the essentials are different, which is why I’m coming to you with my city break essentials. Sit back, have a read and book a couple flights…City Break Essentials

City Break Essentials

A travel wallet

City Break Essentials
Underrated, but essential. No longer are you scampering around your travel tote in panic to find your passport, and then where the hell is your boarding pass!? Travel Wallets keep everything nice and neat and fashionably in place – there’s usually even sections for your travel money, how genius. Basically, if you don’t have one, you need one, then thank me later.

A camera

If I need to justify this to you, get out. You need to be able to capture all those spontaneous moments, like a midnight visit to the Eiffel Tower, street performers in London, frolicking in the Trevi Fountain (similar to that one time I fell in a fountain in Brussels – true story). The 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic is perfect for snapping moments super fast – a cute compact size camera that still gives you incredible quality pictures and none of that trying to capture a quick moment which ends up in a blur (disappointing). Crisp, clear and focussed, which is probably more than you can say about the City Break you’re going on…

Learn more about the 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic

Setting Spray

City Break Essentials There’s the travelling and there’s also just the constant need to keep the face looking beat in all your new holiday pics. Only one thing can give you the face insurance you need, and that’s a heavy duty setting spray that’s going to keep your face looking flawless from when you first spray it on, to when you flop onto your hotel bed that evening. Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray is the stuff of miracles – it’s my trusty sidekick, if you will.


City Break Essentials
There are few times when I’m as board as I get waiting for a flight and this is the time the headphones come out and I dedicate some time to listening to that new Drake song the world heard and fell in love with a couple of days ago, and made some memes about and also formulating an opinion on 21 Savage (I’m still not decided…I’ll keep you updated). Now, all of us here on So Versailles realise that I’m extra, so my Fendi beats usually travel with me, but if you’re not as stupid as I am spending ridiculous money on headphones because it’s made out of Fendi leather then obviously there are better options…

Portable Phone Charger

Oh, every September Apple can go and make the iPhone thinner and sexier and bless us with two cameras on the 7, but those Silicon Valley boys can’t make my battery last the whole day? Oh I see how it is Apple. Especially when travelling, with all those boring waits at the boarding gate, phones can be our only entertainment but surfing the internet and refreshing your social media 7 times a second and just opening up your Snapchat will guzzle your battery – portable batteries come in to save the day.

Oh and another essential is your passport, don’t forget that…

Disclaimer: I got some cash money for this post but as always I keep it real with you guys and I won’t promote anything I don’t believe in and wouldn’t use/have used myself.


Be So Versailles.

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