I Wanna Be A Good American: Review

So much like the rest of the world (probably) when I found out Khloe Kardashian was coming out with a jeans line I assumed it would be on the level of Nicki Minaj for Kohls (no shade to Nicki but it’s not like Saks or anything). I wasn’t trying to be shady I was just going on the track record of “Kardashian Kollection”, questionable. Any way, I found myself intrigued by the whole thing and clicked on the Good American website.

Good American

Good American: Review

I was super impressed and immediately obsessed, I love the whole vision behind it: jeans for girls who have an arse to fight into jeans (the jeans dance is very real) made in the US with high quality fabrics and techniques. I was down. I checked out the price and I was surprised – as I mentioned Kardashian products are usually very accessible and the jeans are around the £130/$150 mark, which puts Good American in the Paige Jeans/J Brand/Frame Denim/Hudson/True Religion range of jeans.

Good American Good American

They do international shipping, thank God, and it’s flat rate so if you want more than one pair or you have a friend who’s buying one/some too then do the order together so you aren’t paying the $75 shipping cost more than once (steep, I know, but it’s includes taxes and customs so you pay nothing extra when it arrives, so maybe once you take that into account if you had a $20 shipping fee once you pay everything it probably amounts to the $75).

I went for the Good Legs style – skinny, sucks everything in to where it should be, makes your arse look phenomenal and has a waistband that fits to your waist so you don’t have a gap between your back and the waistband (I could fit all sorts down there: a wallet, an umbrella, some sweet treats in case I get peckish…). I went for the raw edge pair because I thought they looked cute. The website stated to order a size down from what you usually wear so I ordered a US4/27″ (felt skinny). 

A photo posted by GOOD AMERICAN (@goodamerican) on

A photo posted by GOOD AMERICAN (@goodamerican) on

Tracking was good. I got home, and I tried on the jeans. Here’s the thing: they didn’t lie when they said they come up big. They do. I ordered a size down and to be honest, I should have ordered one smaller (US2/26″) because I like my jeans tight. Yes I’ll still wear these, mainly because they don’t do international returns (sucks but whatever) – I’ll probably take them to alterations because they need to be shortened too – the model on the website is a lot taller than I am and the raw edge grazed her ankle, its down to my heel practically so something needs to be done.

A photo posted by GOOD AMERICAN (@goodamerican) on

The style is nice, I guess because they weren’t tight enough I can’t tell you if I benefitted from all the technical side of things. Have I been put off? No, I’ll probably order a size down and see how it goes because I really really want to like these.

Are you thinking of buying a pair of Good American jeans? Have you bought a pair? Let me know in the comments.

Be So Versailles.

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  1. November 14, 2016 / 12:05 pm

    You look INSANE. But then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less. *paints nails emoji*

    *instantly logs on to the Good American website*

    • Cassie2102
      November 14, 2016 / 12:34 pm

      Oh shush you! Making me blush 🙈 thanks so much 😘😘😘

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