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I’m no stranger to a good hoodie and let’s be honest, if there’s one trend that’s not going out of fashion any time soon its athleisure (we’ve all gotten too used to the comfort). I’m sure even Karl has retracted his infamous sweatpants statement…

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”

Sweatpants aren’t a sign of defeat, defeat is only wearing your sweatpants indoors. Anyway, I’ve found your new favourite street wear brand and its GCDS.



The brand is Italian, and is all about high quality, well-made streetwear adorned with the brand’s logo. Y’all know I love me some humour in my fashion so once I saw the ‘God Digger’ and ‘Softporn’ tees, I was hooked – the brashness, the non-subtlety, the bubble font, I love it. Also, there’s a whole range of God’s tour merch t-shirts which are pure genius, incredible…wish I was at the London show, transcendent I’m sure. 


Firstly, the mesh bodysuits. Yes. Adorned with GCDS patches, this is an outfit elevator – just a simple black-on-black outfit with this goddamn sheer body suit worn to light some fire under the outfit, and under the feet of your enemy…watch the jealousy flood their faces. This woman, who I’ve just discovered on Instagram, shows us how it’s done – kill it bih.

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The bomber jackets are insanely next level, with the puffed shoulders and tight ribbed lower arms giving the jacket some body and shape. They’re effortlessly cool, in a ‘oh this? I just threw it on’ kind of way (the best kind of way).


The knitted logo sweatshirt is a glorious mix of preppy and hella cool, and I want one and no wonder it’s sold out (at the time of writing this).


GCDS also has an accessory range which covers normal things like logo socks and caps to the more random items like branded grillz (#need) and a silver crystal logo necklace, which sounds tacky as hell, but look how my main bitch Shea Marie slays with it.

A photo posted by Shea Marie (@peaceloveshea) on

God Can’t Destroy Streetwear (GCDS) and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to if it looks this good. 

Be So Versailles.

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