Treat Yo’ Self: Urban Massage Review

I can order my favourite meal from an app. If I’m super lazy I can order some kind soul to pick me up a couple of things from the supermarket, or pick me up tablets if I’m feeling really sorry for myself or even a PS4 controller, all from an app. But can I order a masseuse to rub the hell out of my back in the comfort of my own home? Yeah, that too. Urban Massage is that app. Massages outside of the home don’t make too much sense to me (like a day spa or something) because hopefully your massage is so perfectly transcendent and relaxing that you just want to pass the hell out afterwards, which is often frowned upon in a public. So, I booked my Urban Massage at home, strategically for 7.30pm so after my 60 minutes I could take my new relaxed self straight into my duvet. Here’s my Urban Massage review…

Urban Massage

Urban Massage Review

I downloaded the app and logged in. Typed in my address and picked the date and time I wanted to get all relaxed and calm (and pass the hell out) and selected my masseuse. And that was it. Super easy, then I just tried to survive the week in one piece before my massage came around.

Nina, my masseuse, came over with her massage table, mini speakers with zen sounds pouring out and a selection of aromatherapy oils for me to choose from (incredible). Listen, this woman either had seven hands or a troop of mini masseuse creatures hopping up out of her bag to get to work on my back. Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had, no joke, and I just came back from a health spa. It was an hour long and as I suspected I passed the hell out in my bed straight after and cried when I woke up in the morning…because I wanted to keep sleeping for ever and ever (but that’s an unrelated issue).

Urban Massage is available in major cities all over the UK and if you want to experience this new level of relaxed use code “CASSIE” for £10 off your first booking.

Disclaimer: I got some cash money for this post but as always I keep it real with you guys and I won’t promote anything I don’t believe in and wouldn’t use/haven’t used myself. I wasn’t told what to say in this post, these are all my own views. You know I keep it a hunnid.

Be So Versailles.

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