Best Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 Looks

Once a year I seriously consider getting a Tummy Tuck in Plano, Texas, going on a diet or hitting the gym… or at least going to my spin classes consistently (once a month does not count as consistency). That day is not the first of the year, no, that day is the day I watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I’ll curl up in an oversized hoodie (appropriate attire, never wear anything tight…for your own mental health) and probably eat something salty and fattening and I may shed a couple tears out of pure body envy. Jokes aside, there’s something very beautiful and fun about the whole show – it just looks like a bunch of hot-bodied girls having hella fun dancing with Gaga, Bruno Mars and the Weeknd down the runway in some sexy-ass lingerie. These models will certainly want to check out JG Boudoir for some lingerie photo shoots and help with capturing those photo moments that make the difference. Every year, through my tears, I also die for the looks the girls wear, not only the ridiculously beautiful lingerie but the accessories, the look as a whole, so here we go the best Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2016 looks…

VS fashion show 2016

Best Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 Looks

Now, I’m no lingerie connoisseur, I don’t know all about how the angle and curvature of the under wiring of the bra causes the nipple to protrude at a perfect 50 degree angle, so I’m not going to go down that route. I’m just here to be super shallow, let’s begin.

Now, Gigi came out, all colourful with some cape thing billowing under the fan machines, wearing, aside from the lacy red set, a glorious turquoise matador-looking jacket. Do you see the gold detailing!? Thank you, I need it.

You know I love me some sparkle. So I die over this blue Swarovski-ed body suit Stella wore. It’s so world tour…if only it was acceptable to wear such a sparkling get up in public *sigh*. Also I wish VS would sell these sorts of looks after the show.

On the sparkling front…this chandelier-looking tasseled look, complete with crotch-high crystalled stockings and an incredible bedazzled bralette with crystals covering the skin-tone mesh. YES. YES. YES.

Ok so, I’ll give this beautiful silky grey lingerie look it’s due – it’s super cute, but to be honest I just threw this in there for that sweet sweet moment between Bella and The Weeknd.

Um…this top that Bella is wearing – can someone call Vicky and tell her to hook me up? K thnx.

Also, Adriana, this bitch is damn fire. I suggest watching the show purely to revel in the the sassiness that is this woman’s walk. Also this little belt/skirt contraption is very cute.

Have you seen a colour combination so perfect as this red and teal combo on Joan. Imma need to get this floor length…coat? Imagine this…my next holiday under the beating sun, in my bikini, floating around in this bitch. # NEED

Did you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 this year? Which Looks did you love the most?

Be So Versailles.

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