I’m salivating: Supreme X Louis Vuitton Collaboration

Much like Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s alleged upcoming physical fight, I didn’t see this coming. One of the OG streetwear brands (that’s been around since 1994 I may add…that shocked me) collaborating with one of the OG French fashion houses – it was an unlikely couple, but a perfect one. Louis Vuitton had their menswear show yesterday and just casually debuted a ridiculous collab. The Supreme X Louis Vuitton collaboration is going to be hard, oh so very hard to get our sweaty little hands on – I reckon I could get a birkin easier than some of this ‘preme sh-t – but it’s glorious, and limited edition and my gosh if anything think if the value when you pass it down generations (obvs a family heirloom).

Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Supreme X Louis Vuitton

Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Much to the disappointment of all my beloved blood gang-affiliated rappers, red has never been my colour but goddamn it will be for this collab. The collaboration includes backpacks, duffle bags, sneakers (which I’m going to cry about because they’re actually hideous but life goes on *sigh*), card holders, trunks, bum bags (lol) and the Petit Malle phone case…you know, the one I’ve been harassing the Louis Vuitton bond st sales assistants about for the last 5 months (I wrote a post about it), even that has been ‘premed.

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Supreme x Louis Vuitton Supreme x Louis Vuitton

According to the LV menswear creative director, the bags are going to be dropped “in different colours, in different places at different times.” – it’s going to be a fight to the death, so get those elbows sharpened and start making all the LV sales associates your besties…we’ll need all the help we can get.


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No news as of yet as to when the drop will actually be – but it was during the AW17 menswear show so, I’m going to go out and assume August ’17 – but this post will be updated as and when I get the info – don’t worry, I’ll hook you up *wink*.

Update: the collection will be available from July 2017 (my guess wasn’t too far off *dusts off shoulders* 😏).

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  1. April 26, 2017 / 5:20 am

    Nice collections. Really Fashionable and gorgeous looking !

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