2017 Oscars Best Dressed …& Worst…

Ok so by this point we all know about that painfully awkward but also glorious moment when La La Land ‘won’ best film and then Moonlight actually won (I still need to see that film) and we know Viola Davis is a goddamn Queen and deserves all the awards ever but as usual, here I am, with the blog post you’ve been waiting for. Ladies and Gentlemen, take a seat…the 2017 Oscars Best Dressed…and the worst…

Taraji P Henson Oscars Best Dressed

Oscars Best Dressed

Olivia Culpo

Apart from what I feel like is questionable eye makeup, this ridiculously fringed Great Gatsby-esque creation looks stunning on Olivia. I’m usually really not into 1920s looks but damn girl…

Chrissy Teigen

Here she is, my apparent look alike (no complaints), killing the carpet as usual. These two are just the cutest, and not only can I not deal with their twitter banter but their red carpet game. The gold confetti-looking sequin sheer arm complete with mini cape adds that sauce and the tailoring suits her body type perfectly. YES CHRISSY!

Taraji P Henson

UGH, here she is the absolute babe that is Taraji – she has been slaying every red carpet she’s laid her feet on and exhibit A above goes to show she left it lifeless. This gorgeous deep navy velvet, off the shoulder gown is giving me those old Hollywood glamour vibes, but paired with that necklace and her super chic hair cut, Taraji brings the GODDAMN FIRE.


Karlie Kloss

Simple, tailored to perfection paired with subtle but glam hair and make up. A win for the Kloss.

Viola Davis

Stunning. Perfect for her. Ugh, I can’t even, I’m in awe of this woman just looking at her red carpet look smh…*snaps for Viola’s Oscar win and for her just being her*

Hailee Steinfeld

In all honesty, I wasn’t ready for this – I wasn’t ready for Hailee to glide down the red carpet in this glorious sheer floral gown with that perfect collar, looking all ethereal and angelic. I love this look, it’s perfect and beautiful.

Ryan Gosling

The guy every girl is in love with kept it simple, which I appreciate, and most guys do on the red carpet, but the small addition of the ruffled shirt gave us a lil’ something extra. Props to Ryan.

Terrence Howard

Listen, I approve of the fact that Terrence dressed just how Lucious Lyon would  if he was invited to the Oscars. I’m kind of into this Hugh Hefner-approved smoking jacket…it’s chic and different.


Oh Pharrell, if I could trust anyone with changing things up on the carpet it’s you. Firstly, the tailcoat…great choice. Secondly, the elaborate tangle of beads (?) and other exciting objects draped from his bow tie is intriguing me and I’m obsessed with it.

Brad Goreski

How to incorporate velvet into a Men’s evening look (someone in the worst dressed shows you how not to…)- simple, an injection of colour and still keeping it 100 on the class front.

Oscars Worst Dressed

Halle Berry

I remember seeing this look for the first time and looking from the bottom upwards – the dress, cute or whatever but nothing special (sorry Donatella), then I saw it….that ‘hair’ that makes her look like she and her hair dryer fell into a bath while she was getting ready. Oh Halle, why!?

Mimi Valdes

*sigh*… I don’t understand. Poor Mimi looks like she really doesn’t want to be at the Oscars, but aside from that, the dress and the shoes look like something a chic 14 year old would wear if they were invited to the Oscars. Also her hair isn’t the chic kind of grey…its like the elderly grey…considerably less chic *sips tea*.

Mica Levi

………………go home.

Michael Strahan

Ooooohhh Michael, that awkward leg pop says it all. Velvet trousers are not a thing…

Sofia Boutella

If you tilt your head to the side the sequin part of the dress looks like a party popper shooting feathers. I hate it…and it makes it look like her waist is at her knees, taking a leaf out of Katy Perry‘s book it seems…

Blanca Blanco

Is this or is this not the dress of a flamenco dancer on LCD?

Whose looks did you love at the Oscars and which looks weren’t you into?

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  1. Parie Joshi
    February 28, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    Was not a fan of Halle Berry either, too much was going on! Loved Karlie though x

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

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