3 rappers walk down a catwalk…no, it’s not a joke

I have no intentions of this post being super serious, as usual with all aspects of my life I like to keep things pretty light-hearted – it’s not a super deep subject or whatever but it has the potential to be. This post will also probably have no point, it will just be a rambling stream of thoughts that most likely make no sense – but hey isn’t that what a blog is for? Putting all this mindless crap out there? Anyway, this topic is super relevant to So Versailles because of the tag line I decided to go with: hip hop & high fashion. Some day soon I’ll write a post about what I mean by ‘hip hop’ in that tag line but today is not that day, today is the day I talk about rappers and the high fashion industry.  Philipp Plein Desiigner

Before I get all Kanye on you, I don’t really want to mention Yeezy in this post  – he’s the anomaly in that he’s actively breaking into ‘high fashion’. This all came from me rather sleepily (one eye firmly shut, one eye half open) scrolling through Philipp Plein’s AW17 looks from his NYFW show – ye, ye the clothes were cute or whatever but then I saw Fetty Wap, who by the way should actually model, he has the face for it, mid-strut down the runway. Then, my new obsession and future baby daddy, Young Thug …and then Desiigner (photo probably taken half way through a ggrraahhhhh g-g-git ad-lib) looking all hyped as usual, disturbing the peace of the catwalk.

Philipp Plein AW17 Fetty Wap

Bae #1 werqing the runway

Philipp Plein AW17 Young Thug

Future baby daddy Thugger at Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein AW17 Desiigner

Neither Bae, nor future baby daddy, Desiigner looking like he’s having a great time on the catwalk

This got me very excited. I feel like rappers, especially those like these three and not pretty flacko A$AP Rocky are always used as a novelty in fashion – they’re there to entertain, they’re usually performing. More and more trap/dirty gangsta rappers are being placed front row and it’s not just big ballers Diddy and Jay with their legacies and billions behind them. 

VFILES has only been showing its collective’s designs at NYFW for 8 seasons but it’s always recognised the importance of incorporating rappers into their shows/process – for their season 7 NYFW show Thugger was a mentor to the designers, even straightening some poor unsuspecting model’s coat mid-catwalk. The cover art for Thug’s ‘No, My Name is Jeffery’ album was Thugger in an Alessandro Trincone (a VFILES designer) dress, basically. I think it will always be one of my favourite album covers – I think it’s transcendent, it’s a huge deal for a straight black rap artist to push gender stereotypes so boldly through fashion (ooh deep). I love it and it’s everything. 

VFILES Season 7 Young Thug

Young Thug

No, My Name is Jeffrey album cover

Rappers have always had a love affair with fashion – it’s been integral in lyrics, in personas, in general identity. A lot of rap revolves around that glow up, the beating your circumstances to become not only super successful but hella rich too, and since the beginning of time, clothes have been used to ‘prove’ that come up. I’m just happy it’s come to a point where rap artists are walking in shows, sitting front row at Vuitton and partying with Wang. 

Travis Scott Louis Vuitton

Travis Scott front row at Louis Vuitton

Alexander Wang Nicki Minaj

Alexander Wang getting low with Nicki Minaj

Maybe it’s down to the young generation of creative directors and their interests (Wang loves him some rap and strippers), or maybe it’s because the huge conglomerates behind the brands know that by attracting this clientele and their fans, the commas in their bank accounts might just get f-cked up (Future reference if you’re rap-illiterate). Either way, I don’t care, I like it, I like it a lot. 

Also on the topic of Philipp Plein – Tiffany Trump was invited to the show and no one wanted to sit with her so everyone moved and no one sat next to her LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

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