All Systems Go! My holiday prep for Bali

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am off to Bali *party poppers* *hyperventilates*. Yes, come April I’m going to embark on a journey that will take close to 19 hours (that’s ridiculous) and probably leave me deep in the depths of a pit of boredom I have never fallen to before. Nevertheless, I will end up in a glorious paradise, with some tasty-ass food and some sunbathing – my body is so pale (for me), it hasn’t seen sun in about a year, tragic, I know. It’s not all fun and games just yet, there are things that need to be put in place before I step foot on the first of my flights, so below you will find my Bali holiday prep and plan of action (hopefully by writing it on here I might force myself to be accountable…though look how well my NYE resolutions did…spoiler alert: not great).

Berawa Beach Estate Bali

The glorious villa I shall be calling home for 7 days in the hot sweltering heat…

Ca$$ie’s Holiday Prep

Get this body right

First order of business is to tighten this vessel my soul is housed in (I couldn’t think of another word for body so I pulled that weird phrase out of my arse). I mean I’m sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to do to achieve this, it’s a two-pronged plan: eating and working out. Here’s the thing; I’m stupid at the eating thing, well, stupid or stubborn, for example I will eat scrambled eggs for dinner (healthy choice) except I shall not compromise on cooking it in butter and adding a splash of cream to the egg mix… Anyway, I am also looking at booking another major holiday ready for next year to Mexico! We’ve been looking at mexico villas all inclusive, meaning I will definitely need to work on my summer bod all year!! Anyway, i’m getting side tracked again with more holidays, lets focus on this one for now.

Anyway, I need to sort myself out with the eating side of things, but with the working out, I can be greatly motivated by some cute workout clothes…especially if it involves mesh. Manière De Voir has come out with some hella cool gym leggings (mesh is involved) that I shall be adding to my online basket and rocking to my spin classes…possibly to the gym if I finally force myself to get a membership (I find gyms intimidating and I hate people and there’s usually loads of them in the gym, with their snakey eyes).

Nail my Bali style

This sounds extra, but I plan my style to the T for holidays, see I know for my NYC style I’m looking for laid back with some sharp tailoring thrown in (weather dependant obviously). For Bali, I’m feeling almost a safari-vibe, some linen shirts with cute bralettes peeping through with khaki shorts, some skater skirt silhouettes thrown in to keep things interesting. Of course the bikini/swimwear style has to be nailed – I’m not a pattern person so there will be none of that, there will definitely be some body jewellery shimmying around and I also feel the need to cop a pair of denim ReDone Levi shorts, possibly with a cute lil butt cut? Undecided.

Get my travel outfit down

Ridiculous to some, necessary to me. I need to look just as swagged out in the airport/on the plane as I do for the rest of the holiday and I’ve found the perfect goddamn look – the lounge set by Laina Rauma, with matching robe. Yes, I shall be rocking the robe throughout the terminal / lounge and on the plane – yes there will be looks but let me tell you they will be envious. The set obviously needs the Frolic underwear set to keep things stylish underneath (not to be neglected) and I feel a pair of these Air Force 1s will just set the whole thing off. I’m dead. It’s perfect. Oh and throw on some Quay x Desi Perkins High Keys for the landing – gives you that “don’t touch me, I’m a celebrity” vibe.

Make sure nails and brows are in check

So important. I shall be booking my appointment now for a couple days before my departure and brainstorming suitable but also unconventional nail ideas just to keep things interesting. To be honest I’m living for the current vibe of my nails which is some iridescent mermaid tail realness (check my IG: @Cassie2102). Super Versailles. Toes will match (obviously) and my brows need to be sharp…obvs, duh.

Disclaimer: I got some cash money for this post but as always I keep it real with you guys and I won’t promote anything I don’t believe in and wouldn’t use/haven’t used myself. I wasn’t told what to say in this post, these are all my own views. You know I keep it a hunnid.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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