Grammys 2017 Best Dressed (…& worst)

I look forward to the Grammys – I think it’s the one award show that is capable of giving us the “ugh yes bitch she slays the carpet” looks as well as giving the artists/invitees (their stylists) some leeway to push the boundaries and have fun with their ‘fits, as opposed to something like the Oscars which tends to be a little more uptight with the fashion. Anyway, for the first time in my history of writing these I’ll be including a few of the guys who graced the carpet, get strapped in here’s the So Versailles Grammys 2017 Best Dressed…and worst list…

lady gaga grammys 2017

Best Dressed 

Schoolboy Q & His Daughter

Schoolboy Q

*applause* I mean…how can you not love this? Schoolboy Q has accompanied his daughter (who was in a Gucci suit) to the Grammys (because if this fashion set up shows us anything it’s that she’s in charge) in not only matching outfits, but a hoodie which makes it clear he comes second. I love it, it’s cute, it’s meaningful and people need to take note.


Yes bitch, come throuuughhhh. Look at this burnt orange bra/top perfectly cradling her titties, paired with the black textured poof of the skirt. It was so on trend, showed off that incredible chest tat and oh we can’t forget her crystal-encrusted hip flask she was swigging from all night – ugh, iconic. 


Firstly, this woman, the absolute angel that she is just killed the Grammys this year *throws head back in adoration*. Secondly, she wore Givenchy and here she is in forest green, which matches her hair amazingly btw, just owning the goddamn carpet. I mean how can you not love her.

Lady Gaga

This is what Grammys fashion should be about – I liiivveeee for these “risky”, “controversial” looks. Bitch performed with Metallica and at the time of writing this I haven’t watched the performance but I know Gaga killed it. She strutted the carpet in her signature stripper boots, fishnets (hoe-chic), some tiny ass shorts and this long-sleeved-just-covering-the-titties creation which got all my fashion juices excited. She’s fab and she can kill anything and bitch WERQ.

Demi Lovato

Well, well, well, look who came to play. This glorious, golden Balmain piece was perfect for Demi and her incredible body- the cut out was so perfectly placed with the rest of the dress draped glittering around her, I’m obsessseedddd 👀

Paris Jackson

My obsession with this girl’s father has caused a seed of obsession to grow with Paris too and girl didn’t let me down in this super cute Balmain number. It was sexy, but age-appropriate and fun at the same time. Also how good does her hair look!?


So this one has mixed opinions, personally I absolutely loved it. Apparently she was channeling a TLC vibe, I don’t care whether she was or not I thought it was genius – the oversized, loose-fitting pieces un-buttoned all the way down giving us a 98% chance of wardrobe malfunction was an amazing fashion juxtaposition, creating an unconventionally sexy look. I die. 

Chrissy Teigen

YEESSSSSS. Ok so this is a perfect example of when hair and make up match an outfit so perfectly. The glossy shoulder length waves accentuate the strap/string detailing of her dress, which is sickeningly perfect on her. It was subtly sexy – this woman can clearly do no wrong.

Nick Jonas

Weighing in one the boys team was Nick Jonas and his beautifully embellished Balmain jacket – statement enough to elevate his otherwise very simple outfit into red carpet territory, without having to suit it up. Smart move Nick, very smart.

2 Chainz

I was so here for 2 Chainz’ look. The crisp white shirt paired with this amazing navy suit with a subtle sheen – very classic. The shoes brought a little fun to the look with the embroidery which I thought was a super chic outfit elevator. Obvs because ol’ tity boi (his old rap name) is a G, we still got some glitter blinding us from his fingers and neck – also, I was very down with this. 

Worst Dressed

Ceelo Green

I could sit here and write puns about “CeeLo Gold” but that would be trashy and theft (I copied that from someone else) so I’m just going to ask the question we all want the answer to: WHY!? 

Girl Crush

WTF. This woman is clearly so irrelevant and redundant that she feels the need to wear a children’s ball pit to an awards show. Ffs, what fresh trash is this!?

This random woman

This woman, who clearly doesn’t deserve a name check on this blog, is not only displaying her clear non-existence of taste but she is proudly showing the world that she has the intelligence of a llama with learning difficulties. 

Lea Michelle

This poor woman’s make up artist has done some terrible things to her…to the point where it looks like Lea has not only not slept for about a week but she’s witnessed some horrors in that time. Oh, also the outfit is like meh.

Don Cheadle

Yes Don, you are in fact at the Grammy awards and not popping out to the corner shop, please dress as such, thnx.

Katy Perry

I was shocked when I found out this dress was Tom Ford…I had more faith in him. This dress makes her look like her hips are a good foot further down from where they actually are…in a nutshell it’s weird and unattractive.

Who’s outfit were you loving from the grammys this year, and whose where you not ok with?

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