Rapper Groupie – London Fashion Week OOTD

Ah, London Fashion Week, that time twice a year when I realise far too late in the game that I am in fact not one of those girls who can strut around painlessly in heels all day, so I usually end up smiling aggressively to mask the burning sensation in the balls of my feet 😑😬. This is why I’m in sneakers 90% of the time, and that last 10% are usually curb-to-car moments. Anyway, I continue to make this mistake but hey, my outfits looks bomb so it’s worth the trade off. Lemme talk you through my London Fashion Week OOTD from Saturday.

London Fashion Week OOTD

London Fashion Week OOTD

So, I was meant to go to more shows than I ended up going to this weekend…I skipped out on Sunday. Why? Because my bday celebrations went down on Saturday and they were apparently so good that I woke up on Sunday in no fit state to be seen in public or even converse with anyone – tragic, I know.

  London Fashion Week OOTD London Fashion Week OOTD London Fashion Week OOTD

If you follow me on IG (@Cassie2102, not sorry for the plug) you’ll know that I practically sprinted from work a couple weeks ago to go to the Young Thug merch pop up in Camden. I ended up leaving with like 5 things and a very smug look on my face 😏. Apart from my bomb ass denim jacket (which will probably be featured in an OOTD sometime soon), my favourite thing I copped was this long sleeve tee that I got in an XL to wear as a dress. It’s super simple, with ‘Thugger’ on the front, a cherub on the back and tour dates on the arm – pretty sick Thugger, pretty sick.

London Fashion Week OOTD

Long Sleeved Tee – Young Thug Merch

Over The Knee Boots – Stuart Weitzman

Bag – Versace

Fox Scarf – I am Jennifer Le

London Fashion Week OOTD London Fashion Week OOTD

I went with over the knee boots for the look…mainly because it was more daytime appropriate than like…lace up sandals. Now, for the pièce de résistance, y’all know I had to top it off with my Jennifer Le Major scarf – feeling like I was on some Remy Ma ish. Basically, I’m in love with this whole look I conjured up, centred around a tour merch piece. Well done Ca$$ie, well done.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…SoVersaillesLashes.com
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