The ‘Hip Hop’ in Hip Hop & High Fashion

I suppose I really should have written this post a looonnggggg time ago, like almost two years ago when I decided to set up So Versailles – it would have probably saved me from all the annoying DMs I get from “managers” wanting me to feature their “rappers” on here. Funny thing is, if they’d actually bothered to take a look at this blog they’d have quickly realised that I don’t do that sh-t. So what does the “hip hop” in “hip hop & high fashion” mean, if I’m not reviewing some 15 year old kid in a SnapBack trying to be Eminem in his room or Future’s piece of trash new album? Let me elaborate.

hip hop & high fashion

A very long time ago I heard a KRS-One quote that goes something like this:

“Hip Hop is not just a music, it is an attitude, it is an awareness, it is a way to view the world. So rap music is something we do, but Hip Hop is something we live.”

Basically, this is what I’m getting at – Hip Hop to me goes beyond my Tidal (yes, me, I am the only person who actually kept their Tidal subscription after listening to The Life of Pablo) playlist, it’s a way of carrying yourself, a way of approaching situations you deal with in life. Hip Hop is about determination and an unfaltering belief in yourself. Hip Hop is about not letting your past or your present define your future, or at least using it to your advantage, no matter how bad it was/is. Hip Hop is not letting anyone tell you you can’t, it is relentless passion and an embodiment of strength.


You might think I’m reading a lot into:

“Rack City, bitch. Rack Rack City, bitch. 10, 10, 10, 20 on yo titties bitch…”

and bitch I might be (Gucci Mane reference, I’m actually so proud, that was perfect) but even as shallow and ‘vulgar’ or ‘crude’ that song is, it’s still about being successful, it’s still inspirational if you want to look at it that way – to be rich enough to spray strippers with dollar dollar bills y’all (I’m too good with weaving these lyrics in). Hip Hop is inspirational and aspirational and that’s what I wanted the mindset of So Versailles to be. I mean if you really want to strip this down the whole concept of a blog aligns with the Hip Hop mentality of doing what you want and not letting anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. I can write what the f-ck I want – I can swear or asterisk or throw emojis in or use the word ‘hella’ to mean a lot and no one is regulating me.

So Versailles is about excess, opulence in all aspects of your life – it’s about being fabulous and unapologetic for it, it’s about taking those risks and owning them like the bad bitch that you are, it’s inspiring by way of outfits and pieces I’m obsessed with and it’s aspirational, whether its something I’m in the process of auctioning my kidney for or something I might be wearing. So Versailles is hip hop in it’s mentality and attitude. Yeah a lot of my style is inspired by hip hop culture or artists and obviously So Versailles will cover that, but it’s the mindset I’m really on about.

To be So Versailles is to be over the top, to be excessive, extravagant, dripping in opulence. Hip Hop is all about excess meaning success – so it’s only natural I make a merge between a golden palace outside Paris and a culture sprinkled with grillz and sagging pants…right?

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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  1. Harriet Taylor
    March 9, 2017 / 7:56 pm

    🙌🏻🙌🏻 amen

    • Cassie2102
      March 9, 2017 / 9:03 pm


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