How to show out on your bday: Birthday OOTD 🎉

So my birthday was like 2 weeks ago…I am now 24…ew. The weekend before my birthday I decided to hold some sort of soirée at a bar and then transition towards a dirty ratchet hip hop club. Anyway, I had to look good – the birthday ootd had to kill it. Listen, I always keep it 💯 on the fashion front, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like there’s a bit more pressure on your birthday celebrations because, well, it’s the day once a year that you can act out and be a bitch and command all the attention you want…BECAUSE YOU DONE GOT BORN ON THIS DAY.

Birthday lookbook

Anyway, below you can find a video of the final look I went with – which was pulled together on the day, because my initial idea which was amazing in my head, looked like total trash on me (I was horrified – the colour blush was involved…not me). I tried to keep things monochrome, on a sexy bad bitch kinda vibe – let these basics know how it’s done *hair flip*. Yes, it’s my birthday and I’ll have my titties sparkling and wear a fur scarf on one shoulder like a Miss Universe sash if I want to, because today Ladies and Gs…IS MY DAY.

Birthday OOTD

Jacket: DSquared2

Mesh Top: Missguided

Bra: Dbleudazzled

Coated jeans: Missguided, similar here and here

Heels: Gucci

Fur Scarf: Jennifer Le

Do we love these look videos? I think it’a cute and s/o to Pat who pulled this together 🙌🏽.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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