How To Sparkle: DBleuDazzled OOTD

I love a good sparkle, a sharp little shine, the temporary blindness of my haters induced by my outfit, you know? Much like a gold digging serial divorcée to a withering, frail old man, I am drawn to anything that glitters, anything that basically makes me feel ethereal and goddess-like. Now, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (yet another shameless plug @cassie2102) then you’ll know I’ve been on this DBleuDazzled hype for a while now – basically I’m a Stan and I love it. For all of you who don’t know what a Stan is, it’s a die-hard fan like the guy in Eminem’s Stan…don’t worry I won’t be driving my pregnant gf off a bridge anytime soon…basically I’m that obsessed. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that DBleuDazzled was coming to London.

DBleuDazzled OOTD

I was invited to Destiney’s (the badass girl boss behind the brand) Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson for LFW, which was super cute and tasty (obviously), and it was amazing to meet different bloggers at a more intimate event – everyone was super lovely and related to taking 62839 selfies to narrow it down to a number (e.g 3), all of which look exactly the same… Also Destiney, being the absolute babe that she is got me a Birthday dessert *cries*. That night Destiney was also hosting a #DazzledNightOut and this my friends, this was where the fire was 🔥🔥🔥

DBleuDazzled Afternoon Tea DBleuDazzled Afternoon Tea DBleuDazzled Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea OOTD

Jacket: Iam Jennifer Le

Jeans: Missguided

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, similar here on sale

DBleuDazzled Afternoon Tea DBleuDazzled Afternoon Tea

DBleuDazzled Night Out

Obviously I decided this was it, this was the best opportunity for me to Sparkle from all angles…the moment I’d been waiting for. So I slithered into my DBleuDazzled Diamond Girls, clipped on my Twinkle bra, scooched the tiddies up, tied a skirt on, zipped up a sheer varsity jacket and tied my shoes on. Even then, I wasn’t ready for what was about to go down – the Billiard room in the Sanderson (hot room) had sexy, sparkling dancers dripping in crystals writhing on the stairs, women with DBleuDazzled x Nubian Skin underwear sitting casually around the room. It. Was. Everything. My mind was about to blow and then Bad & Boujee came on and I was just about rendered immobile – paralysed by crystals and Migos…not the worst way to go.

DBleuDazzled OOTD DBleuDazzled OOTD DBleuDazzled OOTD

Dazzled Night Out OOTD

Sheer Top – Zara (from last summer)

Bra – DBleuDazzled Twinkle

Skirt – Kenzo from agesss ago

Tights – DBleuDazzled Diamond Girl in ‘Swirl’

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman

 DBleuDazzled OOTD DBleuDazzled OOTD DBleuDazzled OOTD

Basically, DBleuDazzled is everything I love, covered in crystals: a bad ass boss bitch at the helm, a hell of a lot of sparkle and incredible, beautiful products that make me want to sell a kidney.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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