So Versailles 2 years on: 10 things I’ve learned blogging

Well, well, well here we are B, So Versailles is a withering, gravity affected, Botox-needing 2 year old. This is ridiculous to me, because I remember wrestling around with WordPress to start this damn thing like it was yesterday. Anyway, in order to stop me getting too soppy, I’ve written a list of the things I’ve learned from blogging for a veteran 2 years now…enjoy.

10 things ive learned blogging

10 things I’ve learned blogging

1. Blogging is hard work.

Listen, it’s not just about stringing a couple of sentences together and hitting the ‘post’ button. There’s the writing, then there’s the photos (which, by the way, is no ten minute job), then there’s the editing of the post, uploading the pictures and formatting etc. It doesn’t take 15 minutes, it varies from blogger to blogger but personally everything added together is at least 1.5 hours. Let’s not forget just how hard it was to actually set it up. But you don’t have to do it alone. Why not look into someone like hostiserver, who can take away the pressure of setting up your blog. Of course you want people to see what you post and the only way to do that is through using a web hosting platform. You want to get the best result from what you have created, so why not get it done professionally!

2. You meet some cool people.

One of the best things about blogging is the people you meet. The amount of amazing girls I’ve met (I’ve met no guy bloggers yet so don’t throw that discrimination card at me) who are so on the same level as me, and not just ‘blogger friends’ but real friends. Also, they’re so down for pics of food before we eat and taking bomb pictures of your outfit.

3. Don’t compare yourself.

This is something that applies to so many aspects of our lives that we don’t take into account. It’s very easy to think ‘omg she just blew up from 20k to 100k in a month, why can’t I do that? What’s wrong with my posts!?’ But you have to take into account everyone has different circumstances, know different people, have access to different opportunities so you can’t measure your success against anyone else’s because everyone’s in a different position.

4. It’s easy to lose yourself.

It can be super easy to see the bloggers getting to work with certain brands and thinking you need to change your posts/outfits/Instagram theme in the hope that you get more brands wanting to work with you. For example, it’s no secret I like my high fashion, but Versace isn’t running to work with me right now, sadly Donatella is unaware of my existence, and there are a lot of high street brands that work with a lot of bloggers, so I could easily be tempted to change my whole blog core and style it up so that I attract more jobs etc. But for me, it’s very very important that I stick to what I’m passionate about and not change that for anyone, and have faith in the fact that that will be enough for Versace…one day (soon), and I’ll be having brunch with Donatella.

5. Snakes are everywhere.

People will try to use you, for your blogging tips or contacts or for the fact that you know other, ‘bigger’ bloggers. Be polite but stay away from the ?

6. People take clothes too seriously.

Obviously I love fashion and I’m obsessed with clothes but I’ve always said at the end of the day, they’re just clothes right? You can’t take your walk-in wardrobe to the grave, and the rats will eat your Chanel suit and pearls in your casket so…let’s try not to take it all that seriously.

7. Yes, fashion is judgey.

If I decide to wear a bomb ass hoodie to fashion week, I don’t need your judgey eyes skimming over my existence trying to settle your insecurities. Let me do me, and you do you hoe. Also, FYI, this isn’t just the girls, the boys judge too…

8. It doesn’t have to be competitive.

Some people (and bloggers) still think that we are all competing with eachother but we actually aren’t. We all have a different style, different taste and if the same brand approaches us we will all create something different/style things differently – this isn’t a competition, stay in your lane. Help eachother, support eachother.

9. My Instagram is a business now.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the way my Instagram looks is very very important to me – I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man so lemme handle my business, damn. Don’t get pissed off at me because I can’t post group pictures or all my pictures have the same filter or I need spend a few seconds posting a pic because it’s my peak time.

10. People still don’t get it and how it works.

Yes I write whatever bollocks I want, yes brands might want to work with me because of it, yes it’s a bit odd, yes a brand might pay me to post about them on Instagram. “But why?” – a question I refuse to answer any more.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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