Hannibal & Hand Sanitizer: In-Flight Essentials

I don’t know about you, but I take my travel prep very seriously – I fully equip myself with everything I may need, like a Mary Poppins situation. This is even more necessary when I’m sat on a a plane for something ridiculous like 19 hours…like I just did…ugh why is the world so big? I am prepared, and I also attempt to to keep my skin in check as much as possible to avoid breakouts and a subsequent over-use of Facetune – even if it means I look like old Dr Lecter for 15 minutes and cause the children on the plane nightmares. I’m going to let you into my travel tips and what exactly I have knocking around as my in-flight essentials…

In-flight essentials

In-Flight Essentials

The Bag.

Contrary to my Dad’s disapproval of this makeup bag, I think its absolutely hilarious. I got it from Kitson (the legendary LA store which recently was tragically shut down) but for some sassy make up bags Skinny Dip has some winners.

The Wipes.

I like to have my face beat just a tad as I begin my travels, but when I’m sat on the flight, I wipe it all away, firstly with the Simple wipes, then the Say Yes to Cucumber ones to make sure everything’s off.

The Masks.

Firstly, as much as I may land jet-lagged af, I don’t want to look like it, hence the Maskeraide under eye masks that I apply just before I pop two sleeping pills. Secondly, in an attempt to manage my skin the dry (magical) Charlotte Tilbury Mask is a perfect in-flight option…and no mess, thankfully.

The Face Mist.

To keep hydration levels high and provide a refreshing moment as often as I please I use the Kiehl’s cactus flower mist, it’s fabulous and I use it at every excuse.

In-flight essentials Kiehl's mist

The Cream.

About half an hour before landing I try to get this face looking glowy af so MAC’s strobe cream is a go to, also they do a super tiny one which makes my heart happy – it’s also super hydrating so even better.

In-flight essentials Mac strobe cream

The Sanitizer.

I’m actually not one of those germ freaks who’s super obsessed with not catching anything (I have an immune system of steel), I won’t lie, I do it for the scent and the process of rubbing it in…weird right. Anyway, mine are Bath & Body Works – you can get them off eBAY if you’re in the UK.

The Lips.

There’s nothing worse than the annoyance and terrible visual of chapped lips – so Pixi Beauty pulled through with a lip polish and just before landing I add some sparkle with MAC’s little lovely lip glass. Chic.

In-flight essentials Mac Little Lovely

Travel Tip! This is one I always, always forget…it is always colder on the plane than I think it will be. Did I bring a jacket on my flight to Bali? No. Did I think just a tracksuit would be sufficient? Yes. Idiot. But obvs I’m here to keep things pretty chic and always 100 so go oversized, but comfy with a boyfriend kind of look. Remember that hot mugshot guy, Jeremy Meeks? Well, he wore this Suede Trucker Jacket and I think it would look chic af on the flight. Trust me.

Disclaimer: I got some cash money for this post but as always I keep it real with you guys and I won’t promote anything I don’t believe in and wouldn’t use/haven’t used myself. I wasn’t told what to say in this post, these are all my own views. You know I keep it a hunnid.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…SoVersaillesLashes.com
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