How to wear a t-shirt dress…and look kind of cool.

As uncomfortable as it is at the time, I’d like to hope that at least once this year you’re in a position where the sun is so hot, so glorious, that there are parts of you bursting into sweat that you didn’t know had the ability to do so. It is only at this point that you’ve really experienced summer this year, and there’s only one thing to wear to combat this weather and I’m about to show you exactly how to wear a t-shirt dress…

how to wear a t-shirt dress

Hat: Gucci

Sunglasses: Quay Australia X Desi Perkins High Key Gold

T-Shirt Dress: Zara (super cheap)

Shoes: Joshua Sanders, similar here

how to wear a t-shirt dress how to wear a t-shirt dress how to wear a t-shirt dress

They’re airy, free and the air has room to circulate around all the areas…if you get what I mean. Also, they can be hella gangsta – casual, still sick-looking and so goddamn easy. The thing with t-shirt dresses is that they’re so versatile – you can wear them with some ballet flats for a cute, Clueless kinda look, or with some gladiator sandals making it chic and super trendy, or add a crystal choker to hoe it up.

travel accessories

Disclaimer: I love a crystal choker, but its the official accessory of the insta-thot. Don’t get me wrong, I love a chic thot, the hoe-vibe is very in rn.

how to wear a t-shirt dress

Obvs, I went for a casual look and paired my t-shirt dress with some slip-on sneakers, but I do plan on re-wearing this look (shock-horror) with some Air Force 1s (a very special pair are being purchased) and the visions I have for this look are arguably better than this one. What I’m trying to say is…the options are endless – there’s so much fun to be had just throwing a t-shirt dress on and switching up the combinations.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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